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😮The one thing missing from your emails… 😮

Okay first of all it’s my mom’s bday today! She has been my #1 fan since the beginning and she reads all my emails... so happy birthday, mom!

Okay onto the biznas. Email marketing is not dead or chaput. It’s still one of the BEST ways to reach your audience.

However, marketing has been undergoing a shift in the last ten years. LET ALONE the last 2 years.

IT’S NOT... about screaming sale, sale, sale in every email you send out.

IT IS... about building a community with your audience and providing a ton of value.

Brand loyalists are not created in a day. It’s really for a long game approach.

There are so many reasons why customers don’t immediately convert, but it doesn’t mean they aren’t interested in your brand, and won’t potentially buy in the future.

Adding value to your email marketing is what keeps people interested. After all, if someone is on your email list it means they’re picking up your vibe on some level. When you send emails that add value, you’re reminding your audience why they were interested in your business to begin with.

Here are four ways you can add value to your emails:

  1. Add something personal (thanks mom!), a win and a story.

  2. Tutorials and tips for using your products

  3. Advice or how to’s that points them to why they need your products/service

  4. Listicles. Everyone loves a listicle... 7 celebrities that use hair oil to grow their locks. For example!

If you’re not sure how you can add value to your email marketing, let’s talk.

The KREW would love to partner with you to create an email marketing strategy that makes sense for your brand vision, creates brand loyalist, and converts to sales.

We take care of it all – from the strategy to creative to tech implementation.

I’d love to hear more about your vision and how we can help elevate it. Book a discovery call with me, and we’ll get started.

Talk to you soon!

Jessica and the DESIGNKREW

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