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✨The MVP of your brand…✨

Have you heard the buzz about ~personas~?

A persona (or avatar) is a profile of a person that represents your target audience, or at least part of your target audience.

Let’s say you’re marketing high end skincare to women in their 40s that want powerful anti-aging solutions using natural ingredients.

A quick sketch of a persona would look like this:

Name: Sheila

Age: 43

Occupation: CEO at a technology company

Brand she shops: Anthropologie, Lululemon, Apple

Pain points: Sheila hates what age is doing to her skin. She’s noticing increased dryness, lines, and her skin isn’t as tight as she would like it to be. All the creams on the market use synthetic ingredients, and Sheila prefers to use all natural ingredients because she believes it will help her live longer.

Desires: Sheila desires to have radiant, healthy-looking skin. She wants to feel attractive, and age gracefully.

This persona, Sheila, should be the one you are talking to DIRECTLY in all of your copy.

Befriend Sheila in your mind. Talk to her like you would your girlfriends when they come to you for advice.

Of course, you should always use “you” language – making it clear that you are talking to ONE person.

But beyond that, you need to make your reader feel like you are talking to them directly.

This will make the difference between blah copy, and copy that has people smashing the “buy” button.

Need help developing personas and adapting your copy to speak directly to those personas? Schedule a free call with me, and I’ll get the KREW right on it.


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