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📝Send this list to your VA📝

Are your holidays heavy with “let me just finish one more thing”, or dealing with a work crisis when everyone else is out drinking hot cocoa and sledding?

Not this year!

This is the year that you’re going to dot your “I”s and cross your “T”s so that the only thing you focus on this holiday season is RELAXING (which is also a revenue generating activity by the by!).

Here’s a “going on holiday” checklist. Send it to your VA or project manager, and make sure they finish the list and are checking it twice!

Out of Office Holiday Checklist: Make sure your out of office notice is on. You may THINK it would be obvious that you’re not available in late December, but you’d be surprised. Better to cover your holiday breeches with an automatic OOTO message. Communicate time off with your team. Your team is likely traveling and taking vacation time as well, so make sure everyone has communicated when they are and are not available. Tell your clients when you won’t be available. Let them know what projects you’re able to finish before you and your team close down for the holidays, and what will need to wait until your return. #holidayboundaries Schedule your emails and social posts ahead of time. Just because you’re away, doesn’t mean your marketing goes on vacation. Not sure what I’m talking about? Check out what I had to say about this! Schedule holiday greetings. Make sure you schedule your holidays greetings email and social posts ahead of time, because that’s the last thing you’ll want to be dealing with on December 24th. Be on the lookout for ours! Wishing you the most RELAXING of holidays, Jessica and the DK team P.S. Is your brand and marketing feeling like a stocking full of coal and you want AMAZING things for 2022? Let’s talk strategy AND soul behind an irresistible brand and marketing. Simple reply to this email with the word READY.

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