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Read this so your free offer doesn’t suck!

One of the most beneficial ways to create lead generation is through a free gift offer to your audience. To maximize it’s effectiveness, these gifts and offers should include these five distinct elements.

1. Targeted Approach:

The first element is to ensure that your lead generation gift or offer is tailored to YOUR target audience. If you want to attract working moms don’t give sports analogies.

2. Unique Content:

The second element is to make sure that the content of your lead generation gift or offer is original and engaging. Be a little contrarian. Maybe go against a popular belief and spin it to truly answer your target audiences most immediate, pressing concern... ie How to NOT be in the 5am club and get mor done. Or why not saving your latte money is better for your financial future.

Think about the thing your ideal client is googling about at 3am in the morning while they can’t sleep... how can you provide a solution to the very first step they need to take.

3. Add a Ton of Value:

The third element is to make sure that your free offer has a very high perceived value. How? Give them what they want and don’t be afraid to give a hefty amount. If your free gift is informational or a workbook or a quiz... give real, concrete solutions to a real problem. Also by offering a bonus feature they didn't expect or a discount, you can increase the perceived value of the gift or offer and make it more attractive to potential customers.

4. Make it Beautiful and Functional:

This is in essence your first impression with an ideal client. You want to present your free gift with quality and have it fully match your brand. If you walked into a Starbucks for the first time and it was dirty and smelled bad, chances are you might not even make it to the counter. Same thing for anything you make public... make sure it works properly, is easy to use and has your brand aesthetic.

5. Follow Up:

The fifth and final element is to make sure that you follow up with your potential customers after you deliver the free gift so they stay in your orbit. This could include using email campaigns to remind them about the offer and providing your ideal client a clear call to action to take a next step with you. That could be to book a call or additional information about a specific product or service. It will likely take many impressions before someone takes action, so do many follow ups.

By making sure that all five of these elements are included in your lead generation free gift, you can ensure that it will be successful and help you increase your customer base.

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