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only 3 months left in 2021?! holy cannoli


You never moving the needle forward in your business because you keep trying to launch new stuff in new shiny object syndrome ways!

Don’t get bored with your own marketing. Channel your creativity into how you can make what you’re already doing even better.

Let RINSE-REFINE-REPEAT be your new mantra.

Not only is planning an essential part of your business, it is required for success.

After all, you ARE the CEO of your business, right? This is NOT just a hobby. Right, %FIRSTNAME%?!

I’m here to walk you through the basics of planning out your next quarter, and I promise, it won’t hurt.

1. Take out a pen and paper.

Yes, I’m serious. If you open up your computer to do this, we all know what will happen – distractions, distractions, distractions. Get out a giant sticky note, journal... but get out of the computer.

2. Outline your goals.

Get specific! We’re talking revenue goals, program launch goals, and content goals. How do you want to close out your 2021?

Try to plan everything out to the last detail. Yes, right now.

Because if you leave the planning to later, you’ll have underestimated the amount of steps it takes to get you where you want to go, and you will be STRESSED.

And marketing is fun, remember?

So buckle down and take a moment to work on your business, and not just in it, and start outlining the steps you need to take to reach those goals.

While you’re planning, remember to have the long game in mind. How do these goals fit into how you want your 2022 to look like?

3. Pick ONE way to reach your revenue goals, and run with it

ONE thing. ONE program to promote, or one product to push to reach those revenue goals.

How much is this program or product? How much do you need to sell to get there?

I love a good money manifestation, but now is the time to take that number that you’ve been manifesting and reverse engineer how you’re going to make it work.

To keep numbers easy...

Say you want to make $60,000 by the end of the year.

Say you have a program that costs $3,000.

To make $60,000, you need to sell 20 of those programs.

Say you have a 5% conversion rate. Meaning, if you talk to 100 people 5 of them say YES to working with you.

Well then you need to be in conversation with 400 people over the next 3 months.

Now figure out what you will be doing in October, November, and December to connect with 400 people about your ONE program.

That's the reverse engineer! And there are a multitude of strategies to be making these connections that require brand and authenticity.

Have you been planning out your months, quarters, and years but you’re still not having the progress you want? I’m doing a Magicmind for coaches like you who are seeing success, but want MORE. MORE impact, MORE influence, MORE sales. If something like this intrigues you, Go here to read some interesting stuff about your next leap.




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