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my social media formula and then some...

Don’t wait until the new year to set your goals and plan ahead for the new year. Your marketing should never really stop (and yes you can automate most of it). At the very least it should start rolling out on the first day of the year, which means you have got to start planning now so you can still enjoy your champagne on New Year’s Eve. First of all... I’m proud of you for even reading this far.

1. EMAIL MARKETING. You have got to be hitting people’s inboxes weekly. Give them yummy bits of value, and don’t forget to PROMOTE your services or products. Once a week is the sweet spot of staying in people’s minds, but not overwhelming them with emails. Plus you “own” this distribution channel. If your social media shuts down - guess what, you can still email your folks, plus they’ve opt-ed in to be there so you have a much warmer relationship.

2. SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING. Social is not going away any time soon, in fact I think it's getting stronger by the minute. So I invite you to choose ONE (yes ONE) platform and 10X your focus and energy into it. Make sure you are consistently posting AND engaging with your audience. Consistently post all throughout the week. It's a “social” platform so be social on it. Here’s a little formula I like to follow. Remember re-purpose your content always!! That email you wrote can be 5 static posts!

Static: 3 to 5x a week

Stories: 3 to 4+ a day

Video: 1x a week

Reels: 3 a week

3. LEAD GENERATION PAGE. It’s called a lead magnet because it helps attract the right people to you. Invest in either a website or a landing page that promotes a VALUABLE lead magnet - an informative video, PDF, Quiz - that will introduce people to your work, your vibe and solve at least the first step of the problem they are facing. 4. REFERRALS + COLLABS. Your clients are your BEST brand ambassadors. Reach out every month to past clients and ask for referrals. Not only do quality referrals attract new clients, but you never know when an old client is ready to come back!

Which of these four marketing must-haves do you need to brush up for the new year? Need help creating a solid plan that will have you ringing in the new year with abundance?

Let’s chat, and start building your irresistible brand.

Stay warm!


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