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🌟Leave a bigger impact with your messaging🌟

Everyone in designKREW has a role in strategizing, creating, and implementing full-service marketing plans and campaigns for our clients.

Some are elbow deep in the design aspect, and others….

Well, designKREW has a veritable word-nerd, and she’s here to spread the good word: Use the same words your target audience uses.

If they are using the same language over and over again to describe their pain points and their desired outcomes, then use those words in your marketing.

Yes, even (and maybe especially) if they’re using informal language or slang.

When you speak to people using their own language, you’re instantly creating a bond between you. You are letting them know that you GET IT. You understand them.

And that your product or service is exactly what they’ll need.

It takes a lot of research to uncover a shared vocabulary that you can use to connect with your audience.

It’s an even bigger challenge to incorporate your audience’s target language with your unique brand voice.

It takes a lot of intentional branding work, and testing.

That’s what we’re here for.

Whether you’re looking to discover your brand voice and connect more intimately with your audience, or you’re looking to sharpen existing messaging, designKREW has the word nerds that will create copy that inspires your audience to say YES to your brand.

Want to leave a bigger impact with your brand messaging? Turn the (word) nerds!

(Who here knows what commercial that’s from!?)


Jessica and the designKREW

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