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this is a little counterintuitive

I know it sounds counterintuitive, but structure gives you freedom. It gives a container so that you can be playful and creative, rather than wondering where to even start.

I am headed into 2 1/2 days of planning for 2021 with my business mentor this week. I am beyond excited.

It’s like an artist choosing a canvas, or a piece of marble in which to carve their masterpiece.

It can be tempting to go into a December cave, like a big ol’ grizzly bear.

HOWEVER... I highly recommend getting your 2021 plan in place before the start of the new year so you aren’t playing catch up.

I highly urge you NOT to follow other people’s energy if it’s not keeping the passion burning in your heart.

There’s no one template to success, or a magic color palette that will make you millions.

What WILL drive you to success is taking steps every freaking day toward your vision, no matter how small.

Progress in your personal brand is being yourself and doing the things you love.

As challenging as the year has been for many, there are still opportunities everywhere.

Online sales CONTINUE to grow this year.

DESIGNKREW is going to have its best year yet!

People invest in what they believe in. But you have to believe in yourself first.

And right now the world NEEDS the passion and fire you have.

If you feel you need clarity or some brand planning of your own, email

I am offering (only 2 left) 1:1 planning and brand management intensives before we close the year so you can start ahead come Jan 1.

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