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How to spend your next 8 weeks

Oh my God. Oh my God. Oh my Goddd.


How is it November already?!

I know I'm with you, I'm feeling like 2022 is already over as well.

But before we fall into a pit of despair, let's reorganize our thoughts around this.

Instead, try to reframe it as, “Wow! We still have plenty of time — eight weeks to be exact — to create and plan for next year and finish this year strong.”

So mindset, mindset, mindset!

You can get so much accomplished in eight weeks, it's not even funny.

And I know for me personally, there's a bit of a hibernation going on and I love to follow the rhythm of the seasons as much as anybody, but sometimes we have to commit to one last push to get things done before we can fully clock out.

That's why we created this amazing eight week plan below.

So you can easily follow just one hour a week from now until the end of the year.

For me, having a creative, neurodivergent brain, it's really easy for me to get lost in task mastering.

And so having a larger and more solidified structure has always been one of the game-changing elements for me to balance remaining in my feminine flow with still accomplishing what's necessary for me to grow the business.

I am wishing you the best November you've ever had.

I hope you're sipping something hot to drink and have a nice cozy sweater on, and I cannot wait to see the magic you accomplish with this 8-week plan.

With Lots of Love,


😰I know the holidays are a super busy and stressful time of the year, but do you have 1 hour this week?

⏰If you commit to spending 1 hour a week planning for 2023, and you stay focused, you can accomplish so much in the next 8 weeks.

🌲 I get it, It can be hard to see the forest for the trees.

😣You’re up to your neck in tasks and planning for NEXT YEAR already seems absolutely unattainable right now and it’s not a good time.

❗️But, the truth is, it’s never a good time!

😵‍💫You have to make the time.

💸Really, you can’t afford NOT to.

🗓By planning NOW, you’re saving yourself from scrambling 3 short months from now, when January is already in full swing.

📝Here’s a detailed example of how you could break out the 8 1-hour planning sessions over the next 8 weeks:

  • Week 1: brainstorm big picture brain dump/vision board for 2023

    • NO SOLUTIONS right now, dreams only!

  • Week 2: translate those big picture visions into goals

    • don’t worry about details, keep it big picture

  • Week 3: determine you need logistically to implement those goals

    • Keep this list big picture (i.e. more income, more clients, more followers, more team members, more support, etc.)

  • Week 4: break your goals down into quarterly goals, and then break quarterly goals into monthly goals

    • Remember to keep your quarterly and monthly goals SMART (specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, time-bound)

  • Week 5: break your monthly goals down into WEEKLY TASKS.

    • Yes, this means you will functionally be planning your entire year’s worth of tasks/goals out by the end of the 8 weeks (surprise!)

  • Week 6: Start scheduling out and assigning/delegating the first six months of weekly tasks

  • Week 7: Start scheduling out and assigning/delegating the last six months of weekly tasks

  • Week 8: REWARD YOURSELF, rest up, and make sure your team or support network is ready to hit the ground running next week! You did it!!

    • We are sooooo proud of you 💖

📦But don’t let us box you in — get creative, and create a plan that works FOR YOU.

Just so long as you create the plan.

✅When you’re done, if you feel like your plan is a little lofty?....

It’s NOT!

💭Never shrink your dreams.

🌟Instead, let us help you rise to meet them, with support from our full-service marketing team.

👑You belong in your ZONE OF GENIUS, queen.

We will help you stay there by handling the rest of it for you.

🌍Feel like your PLAN involves taking your branding, marketing, and design to the NEXT LEVEL?! Book a MILLION DOLLAR BRAND CHAT and we will help you carry your business into the new year.

Astro-Forecast for the week of November 1, 2022:

🌞🔲🌙The Sun Square The Moon This week, you might feel resistance around achieving your hopes and dreams — did we call it, or what?? — but sticking to the one-hour per week plan is going to keep you on track. Remember, success isn’t dependent on MOOD or motivation. Success is dependent on action and consistency. Don’t let the ever-changing moon (and therefore, our moods!) make your future self lose out on something you’ve worked so hard for! Lean on your systems, your people, and your team for support to push through blocks. 🌞💘The Sun Conjunct Venus This lovey-dovey conjunction could hit the pleasure centers of your brain hard this week — we love that! Just be careful to focus more on self-love and balancing work/life balance, rather than making permanent decisions (like quitting your business or getting BANGS) because you might be wearing rose-colored glasses this week. Instead, channel that energy into engaging with your customers on a more personal level and treating your staff (or yourself!) to some appreciation gifts. 🌞🌀The Sun Conjunct Mercury This week is going to be the PERFECT week to start your 8 week plan — truly, we couldn’t have planned this better! Start THIS WEEK because step 1 is brainstorming and the planets are going to be EXTRA SUPPORTIVE of storming that brain this week. Mercury and the sun meet in a conjunction to give you extra creative superpowers this week. The mixture of creative dreaming and tangible action will come together to create — well, a perfect storm.

🙌🏼 And remember, if you start to feel like you need a MAN behind THE PLAN to support you in achieving all that 2023 can bring you….we’ve got you — well, women* behind the plan..but still! Book a MILLION DOLLAR BRAND CHAT with me today!

P.S. Did you start the 8-week challenge TODAY?! Respond to this email and let us know so we can cheer you on! 👏🏼

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