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How to Generate Leads with these 5 Must-Haves

There are 5 key items you need to have to ensure you're generating quality leads.

Ready for the list? Here it is…

1. A Hero Image:

Without a strong visual element your audience will have a hard time connecting with you and your business.

So make sure your hero image packs a punch.

2. A Call-To-Action:

This should be loud and clear in your copy. ‘Sign up to receive updates now!’ – kind of thing.

Remind people and make it easy for them to take action.

3. A Form + A Gift:

Don’t make people go through hoops to give you their details! You need an easy-to-use form that captures name, email, and sometimes phone number. Also, just a form wont do.

Give them something of great value for free in exchange for their very coveted information. Bonus: make the giveaway the first question they need answered on their customer journey.

Just like the form - dont make it difficult for your ideal customer to get in touch with you.

Make sure you have your signature discovery call sign up page easy to find.

Make sure you explain what they can expect to experience on the call and have an easy to use calendar booking system in place.

BONUS: use 2-4 screening questions to qualify your lead.

5. Share Buttons:

What’s the point of creating great content if nobody knows about it?

Add share buttons to all your content so that readers can share your work with their network and generate leads for you.

See, you really can generate leads with the right ingredients!

Once you’ve got these 5 things in place, you’ll be generating leads in no time.

Happy lead generating!



P.S. Not sure your website has all 5 of these elements working at their peak. Book a Million Dollar Brand call here and lets do a complimentary brand audit and see how you can get your site up to snuff.

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