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Episode 28: Premium Client Attraction

Today’s topic is one you may have heard before, but that’s because it’s important!!

You can’t have an alluring brand if you don’t know who your ideal clients are.

You can’t have an alluring brand if you don’t know who you want to be excited about what you’re up to.

If you’re not doing a question/answer series in your head about your own ideal client at least every three months….

You’re missing HUGE opportunities!!

Just like your brand everything is evolving and changing, always.

So, how do you find out who your ideal client is?

In today’s episode, I’m giving you things you need to be asking about them.


You literally need to know your ideal client almost better than you know yourself!

You may be thinking, well I just want to help everyone!

I’m sorry, but you CAN NOT have a demographic of everyone. You just can’t. It can’t be all the people who want to travel. It can’t be all of the crafting people. You have to narrow your focus and be able to read these.

Yes, everyone may need what you offer, but when you narrow the focus and use specific languaging you’re going to get the response - “I felt like you were talking to me.”

That’s what we’re all going for in business, right?

Look, we ALL need branding. Every single person in business and living their artistry needs branding.

The lawyer that needs branding and the healer that needs branding are going to have completely different languages.

When we ride the middle too much, we miss everybody. And then no one gets impacted, and no one helps.

And you can’t figure out what that messaging is, that alluring, craveable message is if you don’t know what their fears and desires are. You won’t know what that message is if you don’t know what they’re into. You have to start narrowing it down.

In today’s episode, I give you questions - and time, to start writing these things down and figuring out how to create your premium client attraction.

Key Points Discussed:

Narrow down your ideal client (01:15)

Know them better than you know yourself (04:28)

We all need branding (06:01)

Workshop questions to ask to clarify your ideal client (15:15)

We are talking to ONE person (28:03)

Bonus tip (31:51)

How often should you be doing this? (31:37)

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I’d love to know your main takeaways from this episode. Screenshot and tag me on Instagram@jessicalynnco If you haven’t already follow theBrand On Fire podcast, leave a rating and review, and tune in every week to get your dose of branding magic!

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