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Episode 23: Team Communication Quick Tips

Team communication is key to your success as CEO!!

One of the most challenging parts of having a team - and maybe life in general, is communication.

You are running a business, and you’ve obviously had success because you’ve onboarded a team…that’s going to require some significant communication back and forth, every single day.

Whether you have 1, 2, 3, 50, 100 people on your team either as direct employees or independent contractors, I’m giving you some quick tips that will be sure to help you start communicating more effectively with your team!

When something isn’t getting done, or mistakes are getting made, it’s a system breakdown. There is a lack of communication happening. Either the person on the other end doesn’t have what they need to complete the tasks or not enough checks and balances are in place in order to catch mistakes before they are made.

Mistakes get made, but effectively communicating with your team, finding out what they need, and being clear on what you need is essential.

Remember, team communication is the key to your success as the CEO!

Put your leadership hat on, stay curious, and you may find out some really interesting things that will help to grow your team, your brand, and your business!

Key Points Discussed:

Put your CEO hat on (02:00)

Stay curious (05:26)

Weekly team meetings (08:50)

Use numbered lists for clear communication (12:17)

Recommended tools for project management (15:12)

(16:19) Plan ahead!

(17:00) Dream to team process

Resources Mentioned:

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