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Episode 22: How To Make Your Brand Sticky

Have you ever looked down into your space, your own industry, or even Apple, Starbucks, the Four Seasons Hotel, even personal brands like J-Lo, Shakira, Gwen Stafani? They all have a certain presence. It’s this thing that makes a brand sticky as they say.

It comes from a myriad of practices and things. Something I think not enough people are not talking enough about, which is, the thing that you’re probably hiding.

And if you’re wondering how you can figure this out about yourself. I cover all of that in today’s episode!

I’ve shared about consistency, and same-brand colors, pallets and imagery, etc, etc. All of which is very, very important, but we’re going to talk today about what you’re keeping hidden from everybody.

This doesn’t mean you have to tell your whole life story.

It’s about those little quirks about you that you don’t show when you’re on live. Maybe you’re super goofy, like dropping the F*** bomb. I hid my goofiness for a long time.

You cannot plan on being sticky if you’re hiding those elements of yourself.

You might come across as the expert and have all the knowledge, but I can Google most of the stuff that most people talk about, but it won’t land unless I hear it from somebody that is resonant with my own brand values and ideals.

There is no one size fits all.

Get yourself out of the strategy box, and start letting your weird be your wealth! Don’t misrepresent yourself, you’ll attract the wrong people and have a dismal experience running a business. If you go against your own grain you’re going to have a really really hard time.

You have to do it your way! You have to do what works for YOU!

Key Points Discussed:

What is a sticky brand? (01:52)

Find out what makes your brand sticky (04:27)

Real is so much better than perfect (09:14)

The benefit of shortening the time between presentation and receiving value (11:40)

Your weird is your wealth (18:04)

Resources Mentioned:

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