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Episode 21: Hiring a VA Best Practices

You’re not meant to play small! You’re meant to do big things, and I just want to invite you to not forget that!

You’re meant to make money, you’re meant to make an impact and purpose.

We’re not here to just show up for financial goals. That’s not what we’re here for!

That’s not the era we’re in anymore. That’s the old patriarchy, old capitalism. It is now time to rise up in a different place, in a different energy, and speak your truth and show up as who you are, and do the dang thing, as I always say.

To be a leader - to lead, to share your knowledge, what’s on your heart and in your mind and radiate from your soul, we cannot do it alone!

Seven billion people on the planet are proof to share and show that we do this together, with integrity, fun and so much joy.

I don’t want you to be burning the midnight oil.

I don’t want you to burn out, have adrenal fatigue.

But I do want you to build a great business, and to build a great business requires a team. It requires you to step more into leadership, ownership, CEO vibes and allowing people who are over the moon excited to help and serve you in ways that are their zone of genius.

So today I want to share with you how to hire your first VA and how you can be comfortable doing it!

And remember:

Alone you’ll go fast, together we’ll go far.

Key Points Discussed:

Who are you looking for when hiring? (06:35)

What tasks can they do, and what do they need to know to do them? (07:49)

Go find some people! (10:35)

The application process (11:57)

Let’s talk rates (14:21)

Putting it into perspective (16: 50)

Recap (19:16)

Resources Mentioned:

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