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Episode 19: Get Over Your Fear of Being Visible

I’ve heard this a lot, “I’m afraid to go live, I’m afraid to go live. I’m afraid to go live.” So I want to address these little fear bubbles because they never stop coming!

I’m not saying it’s easy to go live, or you’re not going to be afraid. You might come up against some resistance every time you do it, but that’s ok! Feeling the fear is ok!

How do you get over the fear of going live?

The first thing is Always remembering that your audience wants to hear what you have to say, despite all the chitter chatter in your brain. That you do have something beautiful and wonderful to share! Someone needs to hear it! There are people out there that need to know what you know!

Secondly, you can’t make it about you - you have to make it about them. If you’re only thinking about yourself, then you’re basically being with yourself, and that’s sometimes a hard pill to swallow, but very true.

Always make it less about you and more about them. Ask yourself how it could help even one person with something. They might move one degree to the right and make it towards their destination that much further with your help!

You are impacting people, you are hitting people in the heartstrings that you don’t even know.

After listening to this episode, I’d love for you to post an IG story, go live in a Facebook group, and do a story with your pretty face! And I want to hear about it! Tag me on Instagram @designkrew

Key Points Discussed:

How do you get over the fear? (01:21)

You can’t make it about you! (02:31)

What you can do instead of a full live on Facebook (07:10)

More times equal less fear (08:47)

Resources Mentioned:

Find out more about Alchemy Magic Mind here

Join my Private Facebook Group Your Brand Glow Up Party at:

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