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Are you ghosting your people?

Updated: May 13, 2022

How often do you delete emails that you receive?

Be honest, I don’t mind. The thing is, even if you just read 1 out of 4 emails I send out, they’re doing their job. The point of sending out weekly emails isn’t that I expect you to read them all. But maybe one piques your interest. So you read on. You find value. And maybe out of the 5 emails you’ve read from me this quarter, one of them gave you something of value that you could use sooner rather than later. AND MAYBE... one of them convinced you to take a next step – like following designkrew on Instagram or even booking a call to see DESIGNKREW can be your marketing partner and help elevate your brand. The point is, these emails are here to make sure we’re always on your mind. And when you’re ready to transform your marketing and branding? You’ll know who to call. The same goes for you! It’s not enough to cultivate a list and create lead magnets. It’s not enough to get people to hit that “follow” button. It’s what you do afterward that matters. Think about it: They opted in because they were EXCITED by what they saw. So why would you ghost them?

It can be something as simple (but powerful) as having a welcome series when someone opts-in via your website. Another critical moment to make sure you’re being seen is when someone abandons their cart. They were SO close to buying. But maybe they stepped away from their computer for a moment and forgot all about their purchase. Or maybe they were turned off by the shipping cost. THAT is your opportunity to send out an email reminding them of what they left in their cart. Or maybe offering free shipping if they complete their purchase. You’ll be shocked by how a simple abandoned cart email will skyrocket your sales. Want to brainstorm how you can convert your audience’s interest into sales? Let’s talk. Love ya! Jessica and the DESIGNKREW

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