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All is not lost... 90-day marketing must-haves

Holy Cannoli... January... is like... over!

But have no fear you can still shine bright like a diamond. (that’s a really old Ri Ri reference but I don’t care).

All is not lost. Feb is a new start. ANNNDD let’s get you a PLAN... so you can actually reach those big, audacious goals of yours... whaddya say?

Think about what kind of goals you want to achieve with your marketing in the coming quarter. Revenue goals are simple = how much money do you want to make in the next 90 days?

Impact goals can be a bit trickier to define, but thinking about your impact is what’s going to make the big $$$$ for future quarters. Your impact is what kind of influence and achievements do you want to see with your clients or product sales? This can be increasing the amount of testimonials you have, or getting some key collaborations started.

Step 2: 💎 What’s your big rock?

What is the one large project that you want to finish in the 90 days? It can be launching a new program, developing a new product, giving your website a refresh, or building our a brand ambassador program.

If you’re stuck on step 1, then starting with deciding what your next big project will be can help you decide the revenue and impact that you desire.

Make sure that whatever the one is (and yes – sticking to just ONE big one is important), it’s directly helping get you to those revenue and impact goals.

Step 3: 🧑🏻‍🔬 Reverse engineer your goals

Now that you have your goals and your rock, think about what you need to do in order to make sure your rock is COMPLETE within the 90 days. What milestones do you need to hit? For launching a website those milestones could be getting the copy, and finalizing the design.

Now break it down each milestone into even smaller tasks. Get into all the fine details and don’t leave anything out. Yes, this point can get tedious, but future you will thank you!

Step 4: 📅 Delegate and get it on the calendar

All of those tasks you just wrote out? Put them in your task manager (I HIGHLY recommend Asana).

Make sure there are SPECIFIC due dates for each task, and people assigned to every task. Here are the exact steps I take – and I guide my clients through – each quarter to make sure that we’re moving the needle on all of our marketing goals.

Step 1: 💡Choose your revenue and impact goals

You have to start with the big picture in order to plan the small details.

Meet with your team, and make sure there are no question marks as to when things are getting done and who’s doing what.

That’s it! Now you’ll know exactly what’s going on with your marketing in the next 90 days.

If you’re not sure what direction your brand is going in or exactly what goals you want to focus on, don’t sweat it! I’m here for you! Let’s get a chat scheduled on my calendar so I can help you take those steps to build your brand and marketing strategy.

Have a happy quarter!


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