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a peep on what I learned last week

Holy sea monkeys was last week was a full, wonderful planning sesh for 2021.

Because I am all about learning from the best to give you the best...

Here are my top 4 takeaways:

  • COMPLETE. Make sure you bring THIS crazy year to completion FIRST. Ask yourself what you want to leave behind... what behaviors, beliefs, projects, relationships. Then, let that ‘ish go in love and grace!

  • BECOME. Become the person that is already living your vision. I know I have heard this a million times but it just landed differently this time. Think, act, live and make decisions from the vantage point of where you want to go REGARDLESS of your current situation.

  • DELEGATE. Hire the next team member and get anything and everything that isn’t your zone of genius and pleasure to do OFF of your plate. Do not wait or hesitate do this now.

  • SHINE. I talk about this a lot but it was good to hear it again. Shine bright. Don’t be afraid to be yourself. You have gifts and talents that the world NEEDS. Shout it from the roof tops and don’t look back.

So get out there, and keep connecting with your audience.

Keep serving them the magic that’s 100% and keep the momentum GOING.

Bring this year to a close with a BANG instead of whimper. I believe in you!


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