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💻 4 tech tools for 2022 💻

HAPPY NEW YEAR!? Want a more productive 2022?

One of my focuses for 2022 is “simplify”. As the business grows, you want to make sure your energy is going towards innovating and growing.

That means making the most out of your online tools, so you’re not wasting hours doing repetitive tasks like invoicing, communicating, and task-setting.

Here are 4 tech tools to sign up for or upgrade, so you can work smarter next year:

  1. Slack: Who isn’t on Slack these days? The free version is great for text-based communication, but the biggest thing me and my team did to improve communication last year was an upgrade to the premium version. Now we can use audio messages and even video to exchange quick ideas and keep the creative juices flowing.

  2. Asana: Without Asana, nothing would get done over here. It’s a handy tool for assigning tasks and keeping track of to-dos, but the real benefits of Asana are using templates for rinse and repeat tasks. Client on-boarding? Create an Asana template. Are there certain projects you often provide for your clients? Make a template. Using templates has saved my team HOURS of logistic work every month.

  3. Website revamp: Okay, this isn’t a tool, but it is a reminder to make sure your website is running without any hiccups. Make sure all of your links go to the right place, and the backend of your website is tidy and working. Bonus tip: Update the copyright info on the bottom of your website with the new year: 2022!

  4. Okay, this was my newest, favorite-ist, coolest tech discovery of the past year. This handy tool lets you leave feedback on digital content like social media graphics, wireframes, sales pages, and more. It works SO much better than marking up a PDF.

What are you going to do with all that free time?

Have more space on your calendar? More time for that project? Delivering to your clients with excellence? Take a nap? Yes, PLEASE!

Let me know what you think! Reach out to me ( with some TOOLS you are integrating into your business this year?



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