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3 things to be more magnetic

Magnetism and attraction is woven through your entire life. From friendships to lovers to the dish towel you finally decide upon.

Your brand is no different.

Much like a bird does a dance and flashes its colorful feathers until it finds a mate, you must show up and follow these 3 things to be a more magnetic brand.

You already have a brand whether you like it or not.

Yes, you. You have a brand.

Before I tell you three things you can commit to and do RIGHT NOW to take that brand from blah to vah vah voom ...

Head on over to the Brand Glow-Up Facebook Group where I go live every Monday at 11am PST and request to join!

  1. Share Your Brand Story: What’s your brand story? It’s YOUR story. Storytelling is one of the oldest ways to convey a concept and to inspire your audience. Remember: No one has YOUR story. When you share a story – rather than a bunch of facts – people remember you because you’ve given them the feels.

  2. Your Personality IS Irresistible: If you like dad jokes...make it part of your brand. If you love everything fashion and coco chanel...put that into your brand. The only person you need to be is YOU. It’s called a personal brand, which means your personality needs to shine through everything you do. Don’t be scared, you’re awesome

  3. Show Up Consistently: If you take nothing but this tip, I will be a happy camper. Show up consistently. When you are sporadic your audience assumes your paid products and services will be of the same quality. When you are sporadic... people will miss the message. It takes 7 to 10 impressions before someone will even consider learning more. So the more your show up, the more your audience will show up for you. ⁠

I’ll be back next week with three more things you can do to create that allure. Don’t miss next weeks newsletter.

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