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3 must-haves for growth

Does business growth always seem so complicated?

Friend, it doesn’t have to be.

The most important thing is to find your people, engage with them, solve a problem for them, and HAVE FUN.

Here are the three things that have given me the most growth:

  1. Emails: Every Monday I send you useful things to help you figure out this whole branding, marketing, business thing. Email is the best way to make sure you’re reaching your people, and getting them hyped about your message and how you can solve their challenges.

  2. Free Quiz: Remember the super fun Brand Archetype Quiz? This is PROOF that having fun brings success. Inject a little fun into your business or whatever your brand style is – maybe you’re more sassy, more flowy, more pump-you-up... whatever is your special sauce... your audience will be all over that energy.

  3. Social media engagement: My favorite part of social media is talking to YOU. Engaging with your people. It is SOCIAL afterall. Share fun things you’re up to, your behind the scenes, funny thoughts you have. It is the best way to build community, and allow people to find you, know, like, and trust you. Engage early, engage often.

Sounds pretty simple, right?

That’s because it is.

The key is that all three of these strategies serve a purpose: To have fun and connect with my audience.

Which of these three strategies will you implement right now to have more fun in your business and reach more people?

Come join the Brand Glow Up Facebook group and let me know. I can’t wait to hear what awesome ideas you come up with.

Catch ya later!

P.S. The SPRING FLING Brand Glow Up Party guest list is open... so you don't miss out on prizes and alllll the inspiration and brand tips!!

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