Congrats! You are the Natural Chic Personal Brand Archetype.

You are all things earthy, natural, raw.

You gravitate towards elements like floral wreaths, leaves, landscapes, sunrises, and baskets of baby’s breath or fresh herbs.

You feel nestled and at home in hues of sagey greens, softs golds, rustic clays, taupes, sands, creams with a touch of rose, slate, or leather.

Textures that make your eyes widen are woven jute, light linens, stones, and shadows dancing on cloths blowing in the wind.

You’re next photoshoot should be in a field of flowers or tall grasses while the sun is casting it’s golden hours.


You’re messaging can center around comfort, back to the basics, feeling connected to nature, remembering a simpler time.


You’ll use such words as grounded, natural, organic, health, cheers, I understand, we are connected, let's flow, breathe.


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Hi I'm Jessica and I am the Queen!!!


What Makes you Natural Chic

  Take a walk outside, preferably a hike, and see what you gravitate towards.


  What colors bring a flutter to your heart? Write them down.


  What sounds delight you?.. Write them down.


  What animal or plant do you think represent you? Write down it’s features and qualities.


  Then, the next time you are talking to a client...


  What words do you hear them use? What challenges are they experiencing? Write them down.


  What word do you use often? Write them down.


From this... your personal brand is starting to articulate itself!