Congrats! You are the Miss Minimalist Personal Brand Archetype.

You are all things earthy, natural, raw.


You are all things simple, clean, no-fuss. 

You gravitate towards elements like white rooms, contemporary architecture, marbles, sunrises, and organized closets. 

You feel satisfied in tones of charcoal, navy, light golds, whites, creams and a touch of black, silver, or a pop of one favorite color. 

Textures that make you smile are marbles, polished golds, brushed cements, and the smooth sheen of a pale silk. 

You’re next photoshoot should be at a freshly built modern home with high ceilings and just the right angular shadows. 

You’re messaging centers around being efficient, cleaning out the old, creating more space, finding a structure that works for the best output.  

You’ll use such words and phrases as right now, direct, simplify, sophisticated, stay on track, a small effort now creates a big return later. 


You’re next steps are to:

 √  Look through your favorite coffee table book 


√  What colors make you smile? Write them down.


√  What shapes delight you?.. Write them down.


√  What element in the book do you think represents you? Write down it’s features and qualities. 


√  Then, the next time you are talking to a client... 


√  What words do you hear them use? What challenges are they experiencing? Write them down. 

√  What word do you use often? Write them down.


From this... your personal brand is starting to articulate itself!