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Elevate Your Brand with Seamless Social Growth!

Forge Genuine Bonds,
Amplify Reach, and Grow Your Audience on Social.

Social media engagement goes beyond an item on your marketing checklist. 

Real, strategized engagement builds relationships and a network of prospects that purchase and recommend your offerings.

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Does this sound familiar?

  • Connections and sales from your DMs and comments are basically nonexistent 

  • You’re following “expert” advice, trying the latest trends, and using viral strategies, yet not establishing ANY meaningful connections. 

  • Your exceptional content keeps going unnoticed and your numbers aren’t changing

  • You’re sensing something is missing — a tactic or a strategy — and it’s holding back your progress.

  • You see other people having success and you’re wondering... what ARE THEY doing!!?

  • You think you’re business is mostly word of mouth and aren’t sure how this social media “stuff” is going to work for your business anyway? 


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Where We Foster Quality Connections (and Leads) for You!

​This is for you if...

  • Aspire to expand your network, regardless of account size.

  • You want to reap the benefits of fresh opportunities, potential clients, partnerships, and unexplored prospects.

  • You're tired of conventional marketing approaches falling short of your standards and goals.

  • You desire high-end clients, ready-to-pay customers, and a dedicated fan base that truly appreciates your content and BUYS from you. 

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  • You recognize that saving HOURS monthly could boost your revenue.

  • You recognize the power of social media platforms and want to strategically leverage Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, and LinkedIn for your brand and profit expansion.

  • You're committed to authenticity, organic growth, and engaging conversations that align with your brand values. 

  • Seek to delegate this essential task to capable, reliable professionals.

Engagement is like crafting a customized community.

We precisely identify your target audience and actively engage with them as an extension of you. 

This saves you significant time while nurturing genuine relationships that create partnerships, people who share your brand, and purchase your offers. 

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While we can’t give away our proprietary strategy that cultivates and builds your ideal audience... 

This is how we go about building your social accounts:

We find and engage potential clients and customers using tailored methods that perfectly fit your amazing business.



 Initiating conversations on your behalf, we interact with ideal client content, putting you in the spotlight. Our genuine engagement avoids automated bots, and our dedicated team operates within your region, preserving the authenticity of each connection.



By entrusting us with engagement, you regain hours each month otherwise spent on digital interactions, allowing you to focus on your zone of genius.

Free Your Time


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Awww Jess, there's nobody like you! I feel like I have a dedicated, creative teammate who really understands my business. I appreciate how you keep me on track and make everything seem easy. Having you handle all the social and time consuming tasks has really freed me up so I can focus on my passion. I feel lucky to have your great support! With your support, I have been able to launch my new brand, book, and new programs that are in alignment with my vision. I feel like I can help more people live a miraculous life because these programs are available!

- Debra Cummings
A Simple Path to a Miraculous Life. 

It all seemed too overwhelming and I had no idea where to start. I was in the classic entrepreneurial mindset of a million questions: Will this even work? Who would use it? How would I even execute this?

Jessica succinctly broke down the process into baby steps to get me moving forward until we were hitting giant strides. She helped me identify the core product and what is now my beautiful Toffee + Twine brand. What is great is knowing that Jessica has that passion for branding and marketing so I know I am always in good hands.

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GRAM RUSH isn’t for everyone.

This Isn't For You, If...

  • You're seeking a quick get-rich-quick solution.

  • Organic growth and authentic connections don't align with your vision.

  • You're unwilling to entrust a competent team to engage high-value prospects.

  • You're happy with a stagnant digital presence and aren't eager to expand your audience.

  • You prioritize quantity over quality and are fine with fake followers or automated engagement.

  • You prefer impersonal interactions.

Engaging Conversations, Authentic Connections, Cultivate Your Network! 

Imagine opening up any of your social platforms to discover a flurry of activity.

GRAM RUSH’S clients experience tangible outcomes—no need to compromise authenticity with fake followers or bots. 

As we take on this significant responsibility, you're free to immerse yourself in your passions while we build your digital presence.

Real People that are Committed to Your Brand

With GRAM RUSH, we take your brand and online growth seriously


Our elite team operates from the USA, Canada, and Europe, depending on your location. We infuse authenticity and integrity into every interaction. 


Our GRAM RUSH team is comprised of engagers with a passion for the digital space, committed to excellence, are just GOOD people,  and now... totally committed to your brand!

What You Receive:

Intake form so we know your top competitors and where your audience is hanging out. 

Personalized research of your top 20 Keywords to use as hashtags (please use them in your content too) and for ideal audience outreach

A Dedicated Personal Engager.

20-30 Minutes of Personalized and Custom Engagement on ONE Social Media Platform Monday - Friday [you’re saving over 9 HOURS a month of of your precious time!!]

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Join GRAM RUSH today and start building your online community that drives
real results.

(for a minimum of 3 months)


Let's elevate your brand together!

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My business was at multiple 6 figures annually through organic growth, but I had never had professional branding or a prosper funnel or automation system. 


Jessica and her team are incredible! I always thought of branding as just the aesthetics to make everything pretty but it is SO much more than that! Branding is a FEELING and as an expert on Energy and Somatic work, everything I do is tied to how my clients feel. I had no idea that Branding could shift and change my business the way it has! 

Jessica Is truly gifted when it comes to understanding who I am and what I need. She is highly intuitive and so supportive, patient, and energetically connected to the vision! It's like she can read your mind! It's so easy to work with the DESIGNKREW team. Everyone is kind, supportive, professional, and loving. It's Like working with people who know you inside and out and are 10 steps ahead knowing what you need and want before you even do!

Jessica and her KREW know the subtleties of branding and how it can elevate your positioning in the overcrowded marketplace and invoke deep feelings within your potential clients. Her ability goes far beyond her branding genius because when coupled with her highly intuitive nature - she is a branding savant!



For my Working Actors Academy Course, I acquired 23 new members in just 30 days. A boost of $23K in revenue with no ad spend.

I was able to grow my personal brand social media account to 110K followers, secure brand deals, and create more visibility among producers and casting directors.

I launched my product line TAJ. Hair Growth Stimulant and it is steadily growing in sales month after month.

Having a team that can understand your vision and understand your purpose, see the value in it, and is able to speak in your voice, is an amazing asset.

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