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Master Marketing Plan Intensive

What if you could have a crystal clear action plan in place that was tailor made for your strengths, timeline, lifestyle, and energy levels?

Where you know the actions and focus that will be the most efficient with your money, time, AND create the most revenue.


And you avoid the pitfalls that keep most entrepreneurs from making consistent six-figure and multiple six-figure incomes. 

What you can expect to receive (based on your specific goals)...

Know what products and programs you should market, when to market them, and HOW to market them.

Get a concrete daily, weekly, monthly schedule in place that enlivens you instead of burns you out.

Be crystal clear and confident about your packages and pricing structure.

Be clear (without fear or worry) about your financial goals and budgets to make sure your abundance of money is efficient and working for you.

(P.S. I know how scary this step can be... to REALLY look at the numbers. I promise I'll make it painless and dare I say... fun!)

Guidance on how to hire and onboard team members, freelancers, and other service providers to lighten your load and delegate tasks that deplete your focus and energy.

Should you be concentrating on email marketing, podcasts, social, a membership program, product launches, challenges, surveys, quizzes? Stop the head spin and we'll figure out which marketing mix is right for you. Phew! 

What it will take to get you from where you are to where you want to go without the gimmicky, pie-in-the-sky, ra-ras.

Hi, I'm Jess...

I've been in creative, marketing, and business development for over 12 years, helping businesses and entrepreneurs strategically build their brands and market their offers online and offline.⁠


I've strategized over 100 launches, built brands, coached entrepreneurs, made clients $3,000 in one day from one email, and on and on. 

I know what you do day in and day out is a labor of love. ⁠

You want certainty that you are taking the best next steps.⁠

You want to know that taking your business to the next level is possible with everything else you have going on. ⁠

You know you can't keep doing things the same way. It's time to delegate, free up your own space, and become the visionary again. ⁠

You want to feel good, alive, and excited about what you are up to. ⁠

You already know you can make it happen, you just want the clarity and action plan to get you there.⁠

I get it. ⁠

This intensive is right for you if you want to…

Clear What’s Blocking You
From Moving Forward. Feel Inspired And Motivated 
Have An Action Plan That Nourishes You
Remove The "Business Clutter"


Finally Be Providing The Services & Programs That Make Your Heart Happy
Have Clear Precise Messaging That Will Have Your Ideal Client Flocking To You
Access To A Marketing Expert That Has Facilitated Hundreds of Launches and Marketing Campaigns and Has Been In The Game For Over 12 Years

I look forward to the opportunity to support you and create your master marketing plan. 

What You Will Receive... 

  • Welcome packet: an in-depth questionnaire to learn more about you, your business, and your vision.

  • 1 (one) - 3 (three) hour intensive in person in Los Angeles or ZOOM call.

  • Clarity on your vision and a take home map to your marketing and business.

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