Congrats! You are the Femme Lux Personal Brand Archetype.

You are all things feminine, luxurious, and fabulous.

You gravitate towards elements like beautiful things, decadent foods, travel and culture, lifestyle, and inspiration. 

Textures that make you feel alive are rose petals, silk, brushed gold, jewelry, and anything from Chanel (and sometimes lace). 

You’re next photoshoot should be in Paris or the French Riviera in your finest wardrobe letting your joy just pur out of you. 

You’re messaging centers around possibility, creating your best life, living by example, not settling, going for big, big dreams.  

You’ll use such words and phrases as of course, darling, beauty, of course you can, have both, ask for more, go for it, elevate, raise it up, so excited, lit up, on fire!  

You’re next steps are to:

 √  Go to brunch and shop at your favorite place.   


√  What colors make you squeal? Write them down.  


√  What products, clothes, decore light you up?... Write them down.  


√  How does your meal or what you see represent you? Write down their features and qualities. 

√  Then, the next time you are talking to a client... 


√  What words do you hear them use? What challenges are they experiencing? Write them down.  

√  What word do you use often? Write them down. 


From this... your personal brand is starting to create itself!