You are meant to shine bright. 


That blazing fire in you is not meant to be kept a secret. 


It is not your flaws that you are afraid of being revealed —that’s a long-held belief that I am telling you is a total lie.


What you are afraid of is the insurmountable understanding somewhere deep in you that knows greatness is meant for you. 


And that scares the $#*! out of you. EEK!


You desire to serve. You deserve to have a deep sense of fulfillment in what you do AND YOU WANT it to feel fun, playful, exciting, alchemical maybe even a little mysterious. 

Making those $5K, $10K, even $20K months with a wake up every morning excited by what you’re creating, being your own boss kind of FEELS…


Instead of... the struggle

Instead of running around chasing clients, doing work you don’t love, saying things on social you don’t really care about because it's safe, or worse — not saying anything at all because... what the heck do people want to hear from YOU about? 


You feel stuck with a brand that leaves you staring blankly at the computer screen, waking up with a case of the blahs, and like nothing “feels” right. 


Yawn. Bored. Exhausted. Not excited.


The fact is... if you feel this way, that’s the way your brand is coming across too! And that’s just not cute, friend. 


Do you want to cultivate the perfect message and copy that has your audience lining up around the block to work with you?


Do you want to stop yo-yo posting to social and emailing your list, where you’re totally obsessed for approximately 3 days and ghost town the rest of the month. 


Do you long to not be blocked on what the heck to tell your audience, what to give them, what to “go live” about?  


Are you ready to not compare yourself to Little Miss Wonderful on IG with all her followers and programs and think, “what does she have that makes it all click and look so easy? Maybe... can I... just copy her and get the success she has? Ugh, I give up, pass the bag of kettle chips!

Why does it sound like I am in your head?


Because I have literally thought and felt all the same things. 


I, the branding frickin’ specialist!!... hated my own brand. “What the heck,” I would think, “I should be able to figure it out for myself, I do it for my clients all the time!” 


I thought there must be a right way and that I was clearly doing it wrong. Well fun fact... I was doing it ALL wrong. 


Light bulb! Trying to figure this out on your own is like trying to do surgery on yourself. You’re just too close. 

I felt like maybe I should just settle, be happy with what I was doing, sit down, and be quiet (like many of us women have been told to do over millennia!). 


AND I was scared to show the REAL ME. 


I was scared to let my true self shine.


Being on the other side creating brands for clients, I didn’t fully let myself be in their shoes, but boy do I get it now. 


It’s a very vulnerable place. A place to discover what it really means to be brave, authentic, and to express fully no matter what others think. 


You are trying to be some 50% version of yourself.


You are watching others and think there is some magic formula that the internet gremlins are keeping from you. 


You think if you look, act, and say this perfect thing, then maybe it’ll translate to your ideal audience.


You’ve tried! Sort of. What if it doesn’t work? 

No no no... what AN AWFUL monthly subscription BOX to live in!! 

I LONG to take you out of said box. Capeesh?


Not even if we sit on our hands (and heart). 


Not even when others are happy to see us settle for just ok. 


Not even if those that don’t understand what we are up to tell us to play it safe or focus on “more important” things.  


The truth is, it's not the 1950s ad agency era with shiny teeth and Leave it to Beaver family dinners, throw spaghetti at the wall and see what sticks. 


It's ALSO NOT 2006 where you can close your eyes type 10 words and make millions off of a homemade potato gun guide and a PayPal account.  


There is noise. There is a choice. And there is a lot of rubbish out there. 


What they demand is you... what they CRAVE is the real, real you... 


...for you to communicate in a way that feels relatable to them, not perfect, not forced, not strategic. 


They WANT to know you, like you, trust you. Hear you loud and clear through a lot of chaos, especially their own. 


And before you can go off and build a business that is sustainable and profitable, you can’t skip the brand part. Sorry, Charlie. 


It's like trying to shave your legs without any shaving cream... just ouch. 

Not a good idea. 


And the only reason you’re having trouble committing to a brand is that you haven’t figured out your “thing” yet!!


And I’m here to tell you: I’ve been where you are.


I’ve been in the brand industry for over 14 years, and I spent most of that time chasing my own tail, and burning myself out.


I was so focused on getting another client, and another one, and I kept piling more and more work on my plate. 


And honestly? It just wasn’t it. 


My clients flourished, I could turn rocks into gold for them. 

But MY business? Was stuck at the “moderately successful” stage.


I was so busy growing everyone else’s vision, but I had no idea what mine was. 


It was good for a while, but then felt like walking through mud. I was burning out and unhappy. 


I’d love to tell you that one day I woke up and everything changed, but the truth is that it took time to claim my own Brand on Fire (foreshadow: That’s why this is an awakening 10-week program). 

But once I committed to OWNING my own messaging and building my brand around my Brand on Fire method, that's when things really LIT UP, so to speak.  

I attracted a loyal, excited all star team. 

I continue to see growth in my following AND revenue every month. 

I have more time for my family and my plant babies (they’re very demanding, ok?! Should I get a Corgi? Yes? back to our discussion...) 

I am filled with a white-hot fire inspiration that sustains me every. Single. Day. 

I am doing ONLY what I love and I’m more selective with what clients I take on and what programs I build, because more people than ever want to work with me. 


Because I see you out there, trying to create something magical, profitable and stable. 


Because following other people’s strategies can only take you so far. 


Trial and error can only take you so far.


Following steps and systems not specifically tailored to you is really the hard way. 


Your Brand on Fire is a 10-week program that will give you the clarity to take the RIGHT steps to build a magnetic brand where you can:

finally commit to a look + color palate

commit to a message

boost your mojo + creativity

be more visible

find happiness

have alignment

and profit, hallelujah 

...and maybe even take that tropical vacation and live in that posh decorated home that you’ve had on your vision board for... ehmm way too long.

When humans learned to harness fire, it changed our evolution FOREVER. 


And when you learn to harness your true brand...fire will be discovered in you like never before.  


When you take that flame and share it with the world, it grows bigger and brighter, and it WARMS, it SUSTAINS, it NOURISHES... you AND your new loyal following. 


We all have a Brand on Fire – the one thing about us that lights us from within, that fills us with a passion so infectious that your favorite kinds of people want to be part of it. 



This is not an "everyone else but you situation."


And when you have your Brand on Fire, you have clarity.  You start hitting those impact and revenue goals by doing your OWN thing. 


Whew. Thank goodness

You wake up in the morning, and you jump out of bed, fueled by creative energy, and ready to GO. 


You grab your lifesource (aka, coffee), and you sit in front of your computer. Your DMs are full of people saying things like, “Yess! I feel like you’re speaking directly to me!!” and “I am HERE for it!”.


Your inbox is full of potential clients saying “Can I PLEASE join the waitlist to work with you?!” 


You check your $$, and your account is filled with numbers you never thought possible before. And this is just the beginning...


You know you’re doing exactly what you need to be doing to realize your dreams... 


What a VISION, right? 


The thing is, this IS how some people’s day looks. 

AKA It’s how my day looks (#HumbleBrag). 


So why is it still a daydream for you? What are you missing? 




This IS a possible reality for you.


Our flame goes out by being burnt out, by bending over backwards trying to fit into someone else’s box. 


The fire gets put out because you’re: 

Stuck in the cycle of the hustle and grind, but lacking a clear vision and message. (did you know only 1/100 people know what they want?)


Copying everyone else because you think you need to have a certain aesthetic to succeed. 


Too focused on providing services, and not focused enough on your own brand and messaging.

You keep putting of THE most foundational piece of your business and the very thing that makes everything else a lot frickin easier. 

Pink Gradient

“Working with Jessica is heaven. She is an expert in all things marketing, web design, branding, and planning... She makes it super easy to execute and bring to reality the vision I have for my brand... Since working with her I have attracted more of my ideal clients, speaking opportunities, and media partnerships... I love working with Jessica because she just gets it and knows how to deliver excellence.” 

Brittney Castro - CFP®, AAMS®, CRPC®

Founder & CEO Financially Wise Women 


Awww Jess, there's nobody like you! I feel like I have a dedicated, creative teammate who really understands my business. I appreciate how you keep me on track and make everything seem easy. With your support, I have been able to launch my new brand, book, and new programs that are in alignment with my vision. I feel like I can help more people live a miraculous life because these programs are available!

Debra Cummings

A Simple Path to a Miraculous Life. 


We all have that magical somethin’ somethin’ that drives us to success and THAT THE WORLD NEEDS. Unlock your Brand on Fire and discover how to translate it into an alluring and profitable business.


Take the step for YOU and watch all the pieces of your brand fall perfectly into place 


 Let me break it down for you...

10 weeks of brand goodies...and devoid of all fluff

10 LIVE jam-packed sessions with me will raise your brand above the noise, and give you the framework to create something truly unique, attractive, and magical. The best part? You’ll have these tools for the rest of your life no matter how your brand, business, or the world pivots.

I look really serious in this video thumbnail, I assure you I am not

Spoiler alert. You’re not broken & nothing is wrong with you. 

Nothing is wrong with you. You do not need fixing. You are deserving and worthy of a brand you love. We are removing the old way of thinking and "doing" branding because quite frankly that era is over. Time to step in the NEW, NEW. We will open up your senses with some extremely fun exercises and we will shift your mind on what you think is possible for you. FIRE

Don’t be a copycat. Be a lioness. (owning your mad skills)

Time to stop trying to be like the other people you see crushing it. Powerful brands have never come through copying what another person is up to. You must own your greatness. We smother out those feelings of comparison (and use that energy in a healthy upward way). Put the kabash on imposter syndrome. And we figure out what your specific fire is so you can light that 'ish up, yo! BLAZE

 What's your THANG chicken wang? 

Feel like you can't commit to a brand, colors, message, imagery? Feel like you don't know what your "thing" is. Don't understand how to differentiate yourself from the crizowd? I hear this so much and we will put all those voices to bed and truly find what the whole scope of who you are and what you offer is so its a piece of cake to talk about it, share about it, embody it and create from it. 

Create that cult following 

YASS! create something so infectious, so tantalizing that the people you love to be around can't wait to be around you too. Who doesn't want a cult following? What do I mean be that... people who love, you trust, and ADVOCATE for you. What needs to shift both in how you do things as well as aesthetically to show that special group of people that you are THE missing puzzle piece they've been looking for. 

That haute, hot, hott, lewk 

All the visual things. Branding isn't just a logo, color palette, and imagery, but that is a huge part of it. This week we go into all things pretty by pulling your brand message and persona into a delicious visual that will have your audience drooling and pinning all your posts to their Pinterest boards. 

Social Media. OMG help!

YAY! No more avoiding the social media beast. I know. I have a love-hate relationship with it too. But it is a major connector and we will retrain your brain to love it! We will stop the fear of being visible, we will learn how to make it easy to be consistent with posting and engaging. I am debunking the myth of the perfect aesthetic feed and reveal what it takes to have something truly curated. 

Check yourself before you wreck yourself

A bit of catch-up week. All the Q&A time dedicated to you. This is your time to have space and clarify anything you haven't been able to nail down just yet. You can show me what you've come up with I can do a website audit with you, social media audit. take advantage of this time to get all the direct, but loving, feedback from me! 

Do You Even Really Need a Website? 

What?! You may not even need a website!!? Controversial, I know. based on your specific business I will tell you whether or not you need a website or what specific online presence that you need to maximize your brand footprint to generate more leads, followers, emails, and yes even sales!

Building the Guide 

The one-stop resource that will be the foundation of your brand and business. This week I will make sure your brand guide is coming along oh-so-sweety. Again, I don't want you to leave this course empty-handed. This guide will be the holy grail for any time you feel stuck, anytime you need to onboard a contractor (ever been asked to give your hex codes and all you could do was say "huh, hex what?"), any time you are unsure about what to post or what to say! 

Living That Brand Life 

We take EVERYTHING you've learned in this course and making sure you have the game plan to execute the fire you've gained each and every day in your business. PLUS, we will be celebrating with you! I mean you've built your everlasting, totally on fire brand that is sustainable and will evolve with you as you grow! I literally cannot wait to see your transformation.  


Mark your calendars and get your questions ready, because you’re getting 10 weeks of live coaching! These calls are my absolute favorite part of the week where I get to share my energy with YOU. I’ll walk you through each module, what you need to focus on, and most importantly — what you can do NOW to put it into action. This isn’t fluff people! You will make progress every single week.





True growth happens in the gathering, in the community, and I’m so excited about the community we’re building together. Connect with other entrepreneurs like you who are doing amazing things. You’ll get to know each other on our exclusive Facebook group, but I know from experience that these relationships will go way beyond that. Connect, support, network, and lift up. I’m already smiling about it. 




Surround yourself with the other women who are going for it! You will have the opportunity to find a business-bestie for continued accountability and support. No woman left behind here! My greatest movement began when I began masterminding with the woman that were ready to GO BIG. 




I know I’m fabulous, but no one woman can do it all! I’ll be sprinkling in some guest experts to teach you about their particular genius: From branded photography, to selling, and being a master at manifestation. We’re gonna learn it all. 

Best part? These aren’t just any joe-schmoes off the street — I’m bringing some of my homies that I have personally worked with. 


One master document that includes all of your brand info. We provide the template, and as the program progresses you fill it out. At the end of the program, your go-to Brand guide = done. 


This was huge for me to include. I don't want you to walk away with more questions. I want you to have a tangible go-to asset that you use whenever a question comes up.


Each week we’ll have assignments and play-sheets to fill out (I promise, it’s WAY more fun than homework!). 


By the end of it? You’ll have a comprehensive brand guide...a blueprint for your business that has your Brand on Fire at the core. 


✔ Messaging? Done. 

✔ Copy inspo for the year? Done. 

✔ Colors and fonts? Yup, done. 

✔ Next steps? You betcha! 

✔ 100% YOU? Always.




We’ll have a BONUS GROUP SESSION with the fabulous Kate Haus, LA-based personal brand photographer. She’ll tell you everything you need to know about preparing for your fabulous next brand photoshoot: From hiring a photographer to how to be comfortable in front of the camera so you get a TON of epic shots. 


Kate is a trusted, leading portrait, headshot, lifestyle, editorial, and commercial photographer in Los Angeles and has been working for over 10 years in the field. She has worked with everyday people, politicians such as Hillary Clinton, Vice President Joe Biden, and celebrities like Kate Hudson, America Fererra, Dian Von Furstenburg, Chris Sullivan, AJ Buckley, Lucy Hale, Julie Benz among others. She has had work featured in Forbes, People Magazine, Entertainment Tonight, the American Red Cross, the Today Show, TOMS shoes, among others. She is a tall creative professional who will over-deliver every time and make sure that you are 1000% satisfied!



We’ll have a bonus call with Nicole Cramer, the sales coach queen. She’ll tell us all about the secrets of selling your packages without feeling “sales-y” or pushy
, getting over your fear of the pitch

, find out why you’re not gaining clients

, learn why a "no" doesn’t necessarily mean a "no

," and find out the secrets that made her #1 in the nation in sales. 

Nicole Cramer is a #1 success sales coach for women. She ranked #1 nationally in sales and made over $4 MILLION in two years using her sales strategies. She has helped hundreds of female entrepreneurs convert their discovery calls to clients. She lives in Los Angeles, California with her boxer puppy, Cassie.



Debra Cummings is the master of using the power of manifestation to create magic in life. She’ll talk to us about the power of our thoughts, how to let go of limiting beliefs that are holding us back, and how to hold on to the vision that propels us forward in life. 


Most people have a yearning to make their lives better and Deb was no different. Deb worked until exhaustion to get ahead, doing everything she knew to do and nothing seemed to give her the success she was seeking.  It wasn’t until 2016 when she took a leap of faith and quit a very well-paying job that the precise workings of life became very clear. She had no other choice but to train her mind to think a certain way so she wouldn’t spiral into a hole of fear and anxiety. The results were nothing short of miraculous. Not only did she get through it with joy and ease, but she also ended up receiving more than she ever thought possible! Once she realized what she had done to create her new life, she knew how her method worked and that it was repeatable and could be used for anyone and any situation.


(VALUED AT OVER $2,000!)



(For 12 Months)

  • Access to 10 Weeks of Live Training + Q&A sessions with Jessica and the Firefly Group

  • Your Comprehensive Brand Guide

  • An inspiring private Facebook Group to keep you motivated each and every day!

  • In-depth Get Clear Course Workbook



  • Your Brand on Fire Photoshoot Masterclass with Kate Haus 

  • Sales on Fire Mastery with Nicole Cramer 

  • Become a Master Manifestor with Debra Cummings



(Best Value)

  • Access to 10 Weeks of Live Training + Q&A sessions with Jessica and the Firefly Group

  • Your Comprehensive Brand Guide

  • An inspiring private Facebook Group to keep you motivated each and every day!

  • In-depth Get Clear Course Workbook



  • Your Brand on Fire Photoshoot Masterclass with Kate Haus 

  • Sales on Fire Mastery with Nicole Cramer 

  • Become a Master Manifestor with Debra Cummings


I’m here to give you everything I wish I had when I got started, sharing all of my experiences and knowledge to accelerate your success!



Jessica helped me gain a hugely successful strategy in laying the foundation for my business.I had the privilege of hiring Jessica to help me gain a hugely successful strategy in laying the foundation for my business. Her ability to listen to her client’s needs and adapt to her skill set to match and complement her client is unparalleled. She approaches her strategy from every angle — no idea is left without gaining clarity and a tangible strategy for execution. I will continue to have Jessica as part of my team, and give her the highest recommendation for all projects pertaining to operations, marketing, and creative direction.  Thank you, Jess! 

Marrin Costello

Founder, Marrin Costello Jewelry


Jessica is the BEST!!! – She listened to my ideas and concerns.

She is a true gift, I felt totally confident she got what I wanted to convey. She asked me questions I had never even thought of, and showed 

me how my work could be presented to the world.

With a new look and new logo my business has exploded – she helped take my business to a new level. 

Over the years, I have recommended Jessica to many people, all of whom are satisfied clients.


Susan Taylor Fisher

Paradise Gardens Landscape, Inc.


These are some of the exact lessons, methods, and techniques I’ve used to build my business and help hundreds of other women do the same. 


By the end of this course, if you do the work, you will know exactly what your Brand on Fire is, your lit-up messaging, and how you will help. Not only that, but you will have also transformed your mindset, let go of fears, and begin learning how to confidently shine and sell your services.


If you do the work, you can see the results!


If, within the first 14 days, you’ve given it a fair shot and decide the program isn’t a fit for you, email my team the work you’ve completed and we’ll refund you for the remainder of the class.

By signing up today, you’ll receive these incredible bonuses and lifetime access to the modules to soak up the training as often as you’d like!


And to help you do just that...




The first TEN people who sign up receive a FREE 1:1 45 minute session with yours truly. This is your time to come to me with a specific question, form a strategy, and take that extra step you need to grow NOW. Talk about the Quantum Leap!   

White Cotton Fabric

 It all seemed too overwhelming and I had no idea where to start. I was in the classic entrepreneurial mindset of a million questions: Will this even work? Who would use it? How would I even execute this?

Jessica succinctly broke down the process into baby steps to get me moving forward until we were hitting giant strides. She helped me identify the core product and what is now my beautiful Toffee + Twine brand. What is great is knowing that Jessica has that passion for branding and marketing so I know I am always in good hands.

Heather Swan


If you DON’T discover your Brand on Fire and put it at the core of everything you do…

You’ll be stuck in the hustle and grind mill 


Your brand will remain on the back burner and your business will stay in the same place


You’ll continue to burn yourself out by not having clarity on what your THING is so you can execute your branding and marketing with specificity.  


Get yourself unstuck and commit to discovering your Brand on Fire.


Q: I KNOW what I need to do to be successful, but I just haven’t done it yet. Do I really need another course telling me what to do?

A: Brand on Fire isn’t just an info dump – it’s my investment in your transformation. It’s not a collection of strategies, or a check-list of “must do”, because everyone’s strategies will be different. You know what you need to do, so why aren’t you doing it? I’ve been there, and for me it was because I didn’t know what my Brand on Fire was. Once I did, the path forward was clear.

Q: I don’t want to get into my feelings or talk about me – I’m a service provider and it’s all about my clients

A: Hi, are you me 3 years ago? Listen, I get it. I’m secretly the biggest introvert ever. I always hated talking about myself, and putting myself out there. The reality is, there’s millions of service providers out there. What sets you apart isn’t the service you provide, or even the skills you have. It’s you. And once you find out what your Brand on Fire is – what that one thing is that’s carried you in life so far, you’ll see that you’ll come to enjoy being visible to whatever degree makes sense for you. The discovery process might be a bit uncomfortable at first (true success is outside of your comfort zone), but once you break through those barriers you’ll see it was all worth it.

Q: How is this course different from other brand development courses out there?

A: There is no set of strategies that will spell success for everyone, and Brand on Fire isn’t trying to do that. Instead, you’ll get absolute clarity on what your fire is, and how to translate that in a way that gets people saying YES to whatever you want to create. And if that fire changes in a year from now? You have the foundation in place to do it all over again. Tactics and strategies are easy to find, but connecting with your true purpose? That’s where the real work is.

Q: How long is the program?

A: The Brand on Fire Course is a 10 week program (with lifetime access to the modules), starting February 10th. Each week comes with its own coaching call with Jessica or a guest expert (on Zoom at 9:00 am PST), training topic, and workbook to follow along with.

Q: What if I can’t make the live coaching calls?

A: If you can’t make it live, we will post the replays of every call inside the Facebook group and within your membership site. This way, you can re-listen as many times as you’d like! And remember, you get lifetime access to the modules, but we HIGHLY recommend approaching the course from a 10 week timeline. Follow along with us for maximum results, and use the replays as a refresh whenever you need them.

Q: How do I know If I’m the right fit for this program?

A: Look at you, asking all the right questions!

If you are tired of adding more and more work to your plate and not seeing any results, then this is for you. 

If you want to start using your inner FIRE to serve others on a global scale and monetize your passions, this is for you.

If you’re sick of trying to be someone you’re not and can’t see a way to succeed by being you, then this is definitely, definitely, 100% for YOU.

If you’ve got a vision and care about your brand, are coachable and open to thinking about things in a different way, and if you are READY to show up for YOURSELF. Then yeah girl, this is for you.

Q: What will the program cover?

A: Through these ten weeks you’ll: 

Dig deep and uncover your Brand on Fire: The one thing about you that lights you from within and sustains you. Then we’ll work on translating that inner fire to an irresistible, profitable and FUN brand that will have you excited to share your fire with the world. 

We’re going to hone in on how to create a cohesive message out of your Brand on Fire, and how to use that message to create copy and content that feels 100% you. 

We’ll also get into the nitty gritty of all the other parts that make a successful brand:

"The aesthetics, showing up on social media, website, logo, photoshoot. All the fun stuff.

Q: How much time will I get with you?

A: I’ll be with you every week on the live group coaching calls, and some bonus lives too. I’ll also be popping into the Facebook group to answer questions and offer encouragement. Remember, if you’re one of the first ten people to sign up, you also get a FREE 1:1, 45 minute session with me. 

Q: Can I really make it worth the investment?

A: It can be scary to try something new, but there’s a reason I put this program together: Because it gets results. 

That is, if you put in the work. 

If you show up for YOURSELF and put in the work, you’ll soon see success that will make the price of this course seem like pocket change. 

I put testimonials on this page for a reason: So you can see that when you claim your Brand on Fire there are no limits to the success you can see. 

And you can have that too. 

The better question is: What would it cost you to NOT take action?

How much longer can you stay stagnant, burning yourself out and not seeing REAL growth? 

Have any other questions?

Email my team at questions@designkrew.com, we’re here for you!


I see you, even though you’re shrinking from the spotlight. 


You started something on your own because you believe you have something to contribute to this world. 


And then you got swept up in trying dozens of different marketing strategies, trying to copy the most successful person in the room, and chasing client after client. 


Sure, you can pay the bills, but you're not over the moon, lit up. 


Your fire has been blown out, stomped on, and neglected. 


And that’s not okay. 


It’s time to put YOU back in your brand and business, stop chasing things that don’t work, and fuel your Brand on Fire. 

I thank you from the very bottom of my heart for showing up. 


I know how hard it is to feel like you’re worthy of time and investment, but the truth is that no one will invest in you if you don’t invest in yourself. 


So here’s me, saying that I see you and I thank you for listening to what I have to say. Thank you for showing up for yourself, even it that just means you clicked on a link with the thought “maybe something needs to change”. 


Even just taking the step to read these words is one small step towards reclaiming your Brand on Fire. 

Now take another step. 




(For 12 Months)

  • Access to 10 Weeks of Live Training + Q&A sessions with Jessica and the Firefly Group

  • Your Comprehensive Brand Guide

  • An inspiring private Facebook Group to keep you motivated each and every day!

  • In-depth Get Clear Course Workbook



  • Your Brand on Fire Photoshoot Masterclass with Kate Haus 

  • Sales on Fire Mastery with Nicole Cramer 

  • Become a Master Manifestor with Debra Cummings



(Best Value)

  • Access to 10 Weeks of Live Training + Q&A sessions with Jessica and the Firefly Group

  • Your Comprehensive Brand Guide

  • An inspiring private Facebook Group to keep you motivated each and every day!

  • In-depth Get Clear Course Workbook



  • Your Brand on Fire Photoshoot Masterclass with Kate Haus 

  • Sales on Fire Mastery with Nicole Cramer 

  • Become a Master Manifestor with Debra Cummings

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