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There are all kinds of stuck when it comes to biz. I’ll talk about not being stuck mentally some other time. Or it just might weave itself in — guess you’ll have to read to find out – I’m tricky!

I have had so many companies come to me lately who spent BIG BUCKS on a site say 2 years ago and its stuck. So…

How do you get UNSTUCK from your current website?

Well first, do any of these resemble your STUCK situation?

Dag nabit…The visuals are great but there are flash elements that don’t work on mobile/smart devices…you can’t change it yourself.

Bah humbug… why do I have to call a designer to change this paragraph to say we’ve been in business 7 years not 5….you can’t change it yourself.

Bummer…We just launched this cool new thing I’d love to update it on my site…you can’t change it yourself.

Grrr…I have a gallery of photos that I would love to show simply on my site…you can’t change it yourself.

Poop! ….I just want to add a freaking press page so I can showcase all the PR play I’ve been getting….you can’t change it yourself

I could go on and on and on.

The good news is – YOU ARE NOT STUCK. What we have been doing for some of our new clients is moving their old non-flexible sites over to WordPress platforms that really fit they’re needs!

This is another MUST HAVE of our series. If you do not have a site built on a content management system you are wasting time and money and on top of that FLEXIBILITY.

In an RAPIDLY ever changing market place you need to be able to make changes and make changes again at the pace in which the market dictates – which right now makes speedy Gonzalez look like he’s taken a siesta.

Get unstuck mentally (snuck it in boo-yah!) – There is a misconception out there that WordPress sites look like blogs or are limited in functionality. Quite the contrary. There is so much flexibility and customization possible with this amazing Content Management System (CMS) platform! And really it allows your site to grow as your business grows ….IF YOU SET IT UP RIGHT.

Get unstuck mentally (there it is again!) – Already have a WordPress site you say? Now that you’ve had it for a while – is it doing everything you want? You can add functionality as you go or change that old plugin for a better one!

Get unstuck mentally (third time’s a charm!) Its not going to cost you an arm and a leg to move it over. And if you’re already on WordPress you don’t have to sell the farm to add features that would make your site better and have it do what you want.

Get moving so your business can get moving too!

In the comments below, tell me exactly what is ailing you about your website.

How could having the website of your dreams help grow your business or life?

Thank you for reading and I’ll “see you” in the comments!

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