QR Codes: Get ’em While They’re Hot!

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You may have read about QR codes lately. These are two-dimensional codes (most often in black-and-white but sometimes in color) that you scan or snap with your cell phone camera. They take you to a marketer’s website where you can access content, get discounts, watch videos, and experience a wide variety of marketing content right on your phone.
But there is more to QR codes than just taking customers to the Web.

  1. Email: Want people to respond to a promotion by email? When the user snaps the code, this automatically launches the email application and populates the “send to” address with the email address you choose.
  2. Phone number: Want people to respond to a promotion by phone? When the user snaps the code, it displays the phone number and automatically launches a button for the user to dial. No more lost sales because the prospect dialed wrong.
  3. Plain text: Users can access plain text too. They can scan the code to view exclusive portions of an interview or access a discount code. If they are visiting a trade show, they might see a booth number.
  4. Business card: With one snap, you can populate the user’s mobile phone contacts with your name, address, phone number, email and URL.
  5. Calendar: Want to remind users about a scheduled event? Once they snap the code, your event’s date and time are stored in their phone. If they have a calendar app, users can select the reminder function so their phone alerts them when your event comes up.

These are some under-appreciated ways that QR codes can make your marketing collateral, trade show graphics, manuals, direct mail pieces, and business cards even better!

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