So many of you out there ask us “so how does it all work?” Welp my dear here comes the answer!

Listen First we don’t say a word because guess what, we need to hear what you have to say! We need to know what your dreams are, what your one next or next 500 big ideas are. So we hop on the phone with you for a consultation to go over your needs. It doesn’t stop there…oh no! Next, you will receive a through design briefing document to fill out so we can get to the bottom of your case! The briefing paired with the consult helps give us the base of what we need to get started to tackle any project. Of course if anything pops up we’re all ears!

Muse Then we pull out giant pieces of paper, look through creativity inducing books, jump on the trampoline, drink lots of coffee, sneak in a classic rock song here and there, research like fools and MUSE! We remember your excitement and the tone of your voice and bring it all together so we can then…

Create, Create, Create! This is where the rubber meets the road or in our case, the mouse starts a clickin’! We create and refine and create and refine until we come up with some killer concepts to present to you that will be a full rendering of what will best solve your creative challenge. Then we do the happy dance, hold our breath and deliver you Round 1 of your project!

Revise After you have had a chance to simmer in delicious design you pick what you like, tell us what has to go and what you would like to see that isn’t there yet. It can be as specific as you like or a general feeling. We’ll pick up what your putting down! Depending on what been agreed upon we typically don’t like to stop until you have your Goldie Locks moment of “just right”!

Launch Oh sweet destination! Now is the time to let your design fly from the nest. This is when we send your project to print, push the web launch button or simply hand it over to you to do what ever your heart desires with it! Congratulations!