Tracy Lee Jones Consulting started by Tracy Lee Jones is a very dynamic project that challenged designKREW to meld softness and corporate accuracy in the same branding. We wanted to share with you the beautiful outcome and process of the project!

Upscale Consultancy Firm Gets Upgraded!

Client: Tracy Lee Jones Consulting

• Logo Design • Business Card Design • Email Promotion • Web Redesign • Promotional Report Design

Challenge. Tracy Lee Jones is dedicated to empowering organizations to discover their full potential by taking a holistic and community supported approach to nourishing the individual and collective mind, body and spirit. Her vision is that the power of radiant, healthy leaders can penetrate the depth of negativity – to influence the well being of the world. Because Tracy works with individual executives and organizations at AT&T, Merrill Lynch, The Center for Transformative Change and more, she needed an upscale look that would attract these high-end clients. She had put together pieces as a quick fix, but had not developed her authentic brand that would encapsulate the feeling and energy she wanted people to see as soon as they came in contact with any of her marketing materials.

Solution. designKREW knew it was essential to combine a high end easily recognizable logo that also was really welcoming and approachable. Because no logo had yet been developed for Tracy Lee Jones Consulting designKREW was able to bring vibrancy and solidness to the TLJ brand. We brought a welcoming yet professional color palette by combining soft blues with rich and energetic blues. It was important that the new color palette and visual convey “warm sophistication” without words. The result was an icon and colors that are high-end, uncomplicated, and engaging.

In Tracy Lee Jones Consulting’s previous web presence, there was a use of a flower pattern and a rustic, burnt orange color, but no grounding and refined essence, which is what Tracy Lee Jones Consutling is really all about. By use of a predominate graphic that includes a compelling fact topping the page and an easy to understand next step to find out more details on the home page, viewers can start to build a relationship with Tracy Lee Jones Consulting immediately. We made a point to give visual reference to the free gifts that Tracy was offering to make it more enticing for viewers to sign up.

Results. With an amazing service platform, Tracy Lee Jones now has a brand image to match. Tracy has since received much positive response from her new brand and some fabulous business growth has begun to blossom. Vivid transformations were made to Tracy’s brand to really imbibe the messaging and level of business Tracy wanted to communicate. Great success!!

You can see it all and learn more about Tracy Lee Jones Consulting at and check out her awesome ezine and free gift design by signing up! It is really great information you wont want to miss out on.

Testimonial. “Thank you SO much for your dedication, advice and creativity to make this happen! Tracy Lee Jones Consulting would not be here without you, you are AMAZING!!! Love, blessings and gorgeous gratitude to you…all that you are and all that you embody.”

Tracy Lee Jones Founder, Tracy Lee Jones Consulting