Dynamic Business & Life Consultant Firm Gets a Look to match its Name!

Client: Remabulous

Logo Design • Business Card Design • Email Promotion

Web Design • Promotional Report Design • Swag

Challenge. The name for Caroline’s company, “Remabulous,” comes from a word she coined when she was six years old; it’s a hybrid of “remarkable” and “fabulous.” She strives to help her clients feel that their businesses are “remabulous” and keeps her coaching in alignment with their vision, goals and lifestyle. In addition to slashing tasks and time wasters, Caroline provides coaching and social media training to increase clients’ productivity. Whether working with clients in person, on the phone, or through workshops and teleseminars, she keeps it fun, simple and strategic. designKREW had to create a brand for Remabulous that captured its fun yet “let’s get down to business” attitude.

Solution. designKREW new it was key to bring the remabulous fun and funky approach to an “out side the box” brand that also was really welcoming and approachable. Being that remabulous is a made up word we thought it appropriate to treat it like a dictionary entry with the traditional typewriter font. Paired with the fact that Remabulous is all about play, the juxtaposition of the web2.0 buttons and the traditional typewriter font brings home the idea of old meets new business strategies…the best of both worlds. Let’s just say the result is a fresh approach with colors and a look that is edgy and high energy.

In Remabulous’ promotional collateral and online presence we used the same intense color palate and mirrored the texture of the font. In the business card above we chose a thick letterpress so the brand becomes tactile. Going with letterpress also shows Remabulous’ taste for quality!

In Remabulous’ email campaign the idea of the gears stems from running a well-oiled business machine as well as the thinking gears that exists in the entrepreneurial mind. The Swag was super fun to create and gives Remabulous clients something to be proud to have after working with such a professional, inspiring company!!

From logo design to print materials, web design and email campaigns, Remabulous now has brand prowess, consistency and recognition.

You can see it all and learn more about Remabulous at and check out her creatively jam-packed ezine and blog. It is really great information you wont want to miss out on

KUDOS…“Working with designKREW has been a miraculous experience from the beginning. There is such relief in knowing that when I have an idea and a project that I need graphics for that I will be able to communicate that need and come up with a stunning result. Jessica has repeatedly been able to deliver the product perfectly on the first try, even with my strange way of communicating the look and feel that I want (often involving film references, even!) Jessica is not only a great designer, she’s a great listener with a huge heart. I am always excited when we need graphics because it means one more chance to play with her and come up with something amazing!”

Caroline Donahue. Founder, Remabulous