Flowering Sol started by Ann O’Brien was such a fun and rewarding project for designKREW to work on and we wanted to share with you the process and the project!

Polished Brand Makes Flowering Sol Shine!

Client: Flowering Sol

• Logo Design • Business Card Design • Email Promotion • Web Redesign  • WordPress • Printing

Challenge. Flowering Sol (originally the Ann O’Brien Brand) has over 20 years of experience and dedication to being an intuitive, healer, flower essence practitioner, and meditation and yoga teacher dedicated to helping you develop your awareness, become more present in your body, find inner peace, and realize your power to create the life of your dreams. Ann O’Brien brand was out of date with an underdeveloped brand image and color palette. Flowering Sol was ready to have the brand truly represent Ann O’Brien’s vision and mission.

Solution. designKREW quickly noticed the potential to bring the essence of Ann and her mission to the logo with a sense of radiance and expansion. Because no true logo had yet been developed designKREW was able to dive in and really bring strength to the Flowering Sol brand. We brought warmth and power to the color palette by working with rich reds and golds. It was important that the new color palette and visual speak “growth and truth” without words. The result was an icon and colors that are abundant, unrestrained, and inviting.

In Flowering Sol’s previous web presence, there was the use of flowers and a mono-toned orange color, but no visual reference to the spirit and offerings that Ann brings to the table with her services and products. By use of video and an easy to understand call to action right on the home page, viewers can start to build a relationship with Flowering Sol immediately. designKREW made a point to showcase Ann’s Products and Social Media outlets to reinforce connection and community. From logo design to print materials, web and email campaigns, Flowering Sol now displays brand consistency and professionalism.

Results. With a many years of quality + talent, Flowering Sol now has a brand image to match. Ann has since received an outpour of positive response and some new business opportunities have come across her plate. She has also received a higher opt-in rate into her database from new visitors to her site. Although dramatic changes were made, designKREW was able to build on Ann’s previously established trust and recognition by making her essence and presence known in the design.

You can see the real deal at and please sign up for Ann’s Ezine! You wont regret it J

Testimonial. “Jessica is a brilliant artist behind the “Flowering Sol” brand! I have received so many compliments on her work and am so grateful to her! Not only is she a fabulous artist, but she also has a great combination of business sense and spirituality. She works like a channel creating images for your unique vision! If you’d like a new website or some help with graphic design, I highly recommend Jessica and the designKREW team!”

Ann O’Brien, Founder, Flowering Sol