TIPS FOR THURSDAY! Simple Strategies (2 of 8) – Decisions & Directions

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How many of you have heard a saying somewhere along the line of “If you don’t know what you want, then you cannot go after it”? All of us right! So what do we do when we have trouble reaching clarity?
I would love to just regurgitate Chapter 8 of Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich for this article (its all about making decisions). But I will just grab this portion is simple but drives the point home: “Analysis of several hundred people who accumulated fortunes well beyond the million-dollar mark disclosed the fact that everyone of them had the habit of reaching decisions promptly and of changing these decisions slowly, if and when they were changed.” (Hill, N. Think and Grow Rich, pg157. JMW Group, Inc, 2003.)

One of the simple strategies to follow in order to successfully work with a graphic designer (or ANYONE really…) is “Give a General Theme & a Thorough Briefing.”

Here’s the kicker – you HAVE TO make decisions and be clear about them before you can even get to the point of communication. Over the next couple of weeks I will share five easy tips ton how to give effective direction!

1. Don’t Re-invent the Wheel
How many times have you caught yourself starting from scratch only to find that once you do a little research…WHAM-OOH! There it is already “kind-of” been done before but not quite like you! Most likely anything you want to do has been done before in some way or another. Simply enter what ever you are thinking of into a search engine and thousands of articles, websites and images will point you in the right direction. My most successful branding stories have come from clients who have looked for examples from anywhere in their environment that resonate with them. Then we break down the why and formulate something super unique to their message and company personality.

It’s not up to us to figure it all out. There have been signs and great clues if not exact verbatim to show us the way, any great seekers knows this! But don’t feel as though you are a copy cat or a cheat because it’s not about taking it as you find it. The beauty about this great big world and our evolution in it is that we have the opportunity to build on what has come before. Sometimes there is a great foundation that we can lay our own personal layer on. And other times we find in our search what not to replicate and build a foundation of our own. The point is to not flail about in the abyss when all the clues are a mouse click away. Why are you still reading this….go on get! Find your next frontier and lets us know what happens….

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