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 I’ve always thought of children’s creativity and imagination to be amazing and inspiring. This video captures that idea perfectly! These two performers are in FAO Shwarz, and after seeing it, I noticed all the rest of the videos of people dancing on the giant piano like this! Some of them are really neato!!
Have you ever been inside an FAO Shwarz?! That place is like a fantasy land for little kids, big kids, and adults who still feel like kids inside! No wonder these people perform like this, it must feel great to combine music, dance, and visual lights all at once in a place where you can go crazy with your imagination.
After I saw this, I watched another video from the same website about the man who actually invented the walking piano. He is such an interesting guy. His name is Remo Saraceni and he considers himself an inventor/designer! I love it. My favorite part is how he used to think there were “little men inside” the radio to make it play. Didn’t we all used to think like that at some point? Ok, maybe just me. The cool things he has created include interactive installations in children’s museums. He enjoys designing for children due to their “ability to see the future better than others.” So true!
The original walking piano was actually installed at a children’s hospital in Kansas City, prior to being featured in “Big” and the newer video above. The outdoor piano is so sensitive that it even plays with the rain fall, or when leaves drop on it from trees. Very cool.
We tend to agree with Saraceni, who thinks we can all benefit from playing more like children, and who warns us to “Never take yourself too seriously.”

Watch the video here:

The original walking piano from the " BIG " movie
Uploaded by BIG_WALKING_PIANO_FunClub. – See the latest featured music videos.

We might not have a giant piano to dance on, but we do like to shake-it shake-it to music on the trampoline! We’ll say it over and over until everyone gets it: it is so important to have an out-let available at anytime to process the creative blocks!
So get out there and let it all out! (Your creativity that is….)

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