TAKE A LOOK TUESDAY! Lights, Camera, Inspiration!

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 I’ve always thought of children’s creativity and imagination to be amazing and inspiring. This video captures that idea perfectly! These two performers are in FAO Shwarz, and after seeing it, I noticed all the rest of the videos of people dancing on the giant piano like this! Some of them are really neato!!
Have you ever been inside an FAO Shwarz?! That place is like a fantasy land for little kids, big kids, and adults who still feel like kids inside! No wonder these people perform like this, it must feel great to combine music, dance, and visual lights all at once in a place where you can go crazy with your imagination.
After I saw this, I watched another video from the same website about the man who actually invented the walking piano. He is such an interesting guy. His name is Remo Saraceni and he considers himself an inventor/designer! I love it. My favorite part is how he used to think there were “little men inside” the radio to make it play. Didn’t we all used to think like that at some point? Ok, maybe just me. The cool things he has created include interactive installations in children’s museums. He enjoys designing for children due to their “ability to see the future better than others.” So true!
The original walking piano was actually installed at a children’s hospital in Kansas City, prior to being featured in “Big” and the newer video above. The outdoor piano is so sensitive that it even plays with the rain fall, or when leaves drop on it from trees. Very cool.
We tend to agree with Saraceni, who thinks we can all benefit from playing more like children, and who warns us to “Never take yourself too seriously.”

Watch the video here:

The original walking piano from the " BIG " movie
Uploaded by BIG_WALKING_PIANO_FunClub. – See the latest featured music videos.

We might not have a giant piano to dance on, but we do like to shake-it shake-it to music on the trampoline! We’ll say it over and over until everyone gets it: it is so important to have an out-let available at anytime to process the creative blocks!
So get out there and let it all out! (Your creativity that is….)

TAKE A LOOK TUESDAY! MIni Size… Major Cute!

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Ok, so I’ve been hearing about these mini pigs for awhile now, and I was thinking it was kinda… weird? Gross? Smelly? But I stumbled on this website and check it out! They are sooo adorable!

Seems like a perfect pet to me! Especially for apartment living (if potty trained). Plus this small farm in Hemet seems very loving and humane. I’m all about rescuing pets from shelters.. I got my little doggie Spike from a shelter and he is so awesome! But a mini pig might be a sweet addition to a fam : )
What do you guys think?

FUN FRIDAY! The Style Test

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When I’m designing for a client, I’m all about personalization. I want to know what you like, don’t like, can’t stand, your favorite colors, all about YOU! So what happens if you don’t know what you like? “Uh… I kinda like.. blue-ish.. and ya know, pretty stuff.”  Um… oh no. There’s nothing wrong with being indecisive, but knowing exactly what you want can make a WORLD of difference in so many areas of your life. 
This site below is called The Style Test. It gives you a simple, easy-peezy quick test to tell you what kind of designs, shapes, and colors you like. I don’t want to explain too much because I think the idea is to do the test without thinking too hard about it. Just go with the flow and let your natural reactions take over. 
Go ahead! It takes about two minutes. Then remember the results next time you’re picking a paint color for your house, a bed spread, or when you’re working with a graphic designer! ; )



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Alright. So by now most of you know that I have an affinity for games and toys that help me reach deep in my creative soul, get through mind-blocks, frustrations, and just relax and unwind…My trampoline is my favorite, but I also love fun “kids” toys like etch-a-sketch or Rubik’s cube, slinkies, etc etc. Found a new one! Check out this screenshot from the website below. On the right side it’s like a crazy paint application and ends up looking messy and weird, but then on the left you’ve created a moving, living awesome kaleidoscope!

I love finding fun things to pull me out of an afternoon slump, especially when it can get the creative juices flowing! Wee! Doesn’t it kinda look like a shamrock? Maybe..? A little? Alright fine, you make one and show me up! CLICK HERE and have fun!

P.S. Happy St. Paddy’s Day!

FUN FRIDAY! Random Musings

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It’s hilarious when my clients are the ones telling me to go to bed. I just cant deny my passion for what I do at times.
Although it is not always my ideal to work late nights, but in my eyes a deadline is a deadline. That being said, I believe any creative mind can attest that there is something magical about the late night. It’s like your creative soul gets sucked into a vortex and the rest of the world disappears as you are sweetly creating. Whether it be the written word, paint or the click of a mouse, the darkness (and sometimes a star or two if you are in the city) lays over you like a thinking cap.

I am sure we all have our prime time for things. I find that mine shifts day to day topic to topic. I have to calculate numbers and do planning in the morning. As each year passes I realize I am more on a European schedule than an American one. If I had my way it would be off to work at 7am after a deep and beautiful meditation and then a siesta around 3pm, (I rarely schedule meetings at this time because I am useless!) and back to it from 4:30pm to 8pm. A nice yoga and a delicious dinner unwind and climb into bed around midnight.

What does your perfect day look like? Because despite what you may have been taught, life is yours to design any way you like it.
Please don’t ever let anyone ever tell you any differently, especially yourself.

FUN FRIDAY! designKREW Office Remodel!

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So, remember last month when we talked about making your work space work for you?! I told you I would finish the remodel eventually!! Ta-da! Behold, my new and improved designKREW headquarters! Now I cannot take all the credit because the amazingly talented Jackie Page from was the driving force of the overall design! She was so amazing to work with if you need some guidance along your own path to a headquarter haven.

Ah, it feels so great to complete a project. I loved spending my (small amounts) of downtime to get creative and crafty with the space that I have to work with. And I know that in order to have a peaceful and productive work environment, I need to be happy with my surroundings. If a work space is untidy or if you’re just unhappy with the way it looks (you might not even realize it) but it can affect the way you work! Really, I promise! Now that I’m done and happy with the way my office and living areas are arranged, I am happier, more at peace, and get focused so quickly! When you look around and see things that remind you of who you are, what your business represents, and what you are striving to achieve (like with a vision board perhaps?) it’s easy to dive right into a project, problem, or assignment!

In January, I asked what are some ways you can make your work space work for you? Could you use a trampoline to get silly and shake out your creative side? What about rearranging furniture so you can take breaks from the computer screen and look out the window? If you’re in an office, get a small plant, put up some pictures to remind yourself of what you’re working towards, or of what makes you happy.
Check out the pictures of the remodel below, and good luck with your own!

The magic desk with vase to match the brand!

The “in progress vision board and mighty server area!

The “creative corner” equipped with chalk board and trampoline!

The creative and comfy couch area

SUPER SECRET SHOT of my new bedroom decor!

FUN FRIDAY! Mastermind Group

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If you’re actually reading this on the post date, I am sitting in a mastermind group with some really fabulous business owners. We are partaking in some laser coaching with my mentor Vanessa Summers. Over the past two years Vanessa has transformed me and my business to reach more growth in my business than I could have ever expected. It’s not often a start up business owner can say that I am self sustaining in the first 2 years of business without any start up capital or investors. My relationship with Vanessa started many moons before I even considered becoming a business owner and our paths kept inevitably colliding at the most precise and needed moments.

I have developed a website for an upcoming event in April and I invite you to check it out… Not only to show what designKREW can do, but more importantly to share a resource that has given back to me a thousand fold any investment that I have put in – on both financial and emotional levels. If you are looking for that next push into your goal numbers, looking for guidance in your marketing, and if you are looking to elevate what you think is possible for your business (even in this economic climate), then I highly recommend attending this really great event. You will be amazed at how a few action steps can take you to whole new levels. Check it out….

FUN FRIDAY! Schools Killing Creativity

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Sir Ted Robinson, a writer and Creativity Expert speaks about how our education needs a major upheaval in order to let children flourish in their own unique imaginations. In this funny and enlightening 20 minute discussion, he points out how the world focuses on only one side of the head. I love how he points out that creativity comes from being willing to make mistakes and be wrong. But there isn’t room for mistakes in school or in the business world, and the only thing that has come of it is a world where a degree isn’t even enough anymore. We aren’t taught to learn the things that we have a talent for, like music or dance or art. “You won’t earn a living as a musician.” How many times have we heard a parent tell that to their child?
My favorite part is when he discusses the legendary choreographer Gillian Lynne, who choreographed for such famous productions as Cats, and Phantom of the Opera. Did you know, Gillian was thought to have a learning disorder in school because she could not focus? Thank goodness a specialist put her in a room alone, turned on music, watched her dance, and sent her to a dance school. What if they had diagnosed her with ADD and put her on medication?
Take a minute to listen to him speak. Maybe more and more people will share his belief someday, that creativity in education is as important as literacy.

FUN FRIDAY! Celebrating Black History Month with Art

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I wanted to share with everyone a couple of beautiful works of art, inspired by, or created by some of the greatest figures in American history that we celebrate this month.

The first picture below is one of Michelle Obama unveiling the bust of Sojourner Truth in Emancipation Hall of the U.S. Capitol in Washington last April.

She was quoted at the ceremony, “I hope that Sojourner Truth would be proud to see me, a descendant of slaves, serving as the first lady of the United States of America,” Obama said. “Now many young boys and girls, like my own daughters, will come to Emancipation Hall and see the face of a woman who looks like them.” Sojourner is best known for her speech “Ain’t I A Woman” at the 1851 Ohio Women’s Rights Convention. This photo is an awesome image of how far we have come as a nation, yet stands as a reminder of how far we still have to go.

Photo: Manuel Balce Ceneta, AP   Reference

The next picture is a famous piece of art called Hand of Africa done by Nelson Mandela himself. Yesterday I posted on twitter a quote by him in honor of the 20th anniversary of his freedom walk. This painting shows the imprint of his hand with the outline of Africa in his palm, immortalizing forever how Africa is deeply embedded in his heart.

This mural in by artist Louis Delsarte and a group of volunteers was unveiled in Atlanta Georgia this year on January 17th. This and many other events take place on Martin Luther King Jr.’s birthday every year in order to celebrate the life of one of the most well known American leaders. Although we celebrate this day in January, he is definitely to be included again in February, along with his heroes who lived before him and those that followed in his foot steps.

photo: AJC file (Atlanta)  Reference

FUN FRIDAY! Valentine’s Day & Yoga… perfect harmony

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Experience the exclusive Valentine’s Day premiere of Yoga-Atsu™…a new method of combining therapeutic restorative yoga poses & shiatsu massage techniques for partners. You and your partner will create a stronger physical, emotional, and spiritual bond; learn what feels good for each other, help relieve neck, shoulder, and back pain, deepen intimacy and feel relaxed, calm, and sexy.

During this special event, you’ll have a chance to win incredibly decadent gifts that will have you and your partner cozying up in love and luxury from Coco de Mer, Matteo, L’uvalla, Golden Path Alchemy, and wine tasting from City Sip. And you’ll also be walking away with gift bags filled with sensuous products that’ll keep you and partner busy for days.

More info at

Contact: Stella Cheung, founder of and creator of Yoga-Atsu™at or 213.321.8218

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