TAKE A LOOK TUESDAY! #472: Finding an Awesome Website

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At designKREW, we are big believers in the little things in life. Big joyous occasions are great, too, don’t get us wrong. But those things only happen occassion-ally. No no, we’re talking about the things that happen every day that just bring a smile, a laugh, or totally change your whole attitude.
So when we found this website,, well… let’s just say it was one of those awesome moments. Neil Pasricha has taken the time each day to think of one of those things that everybody (ok almost everybody) loves but never really thinks about! It reminds me a little bit of those group pages that keep popping up on Facebook, but Neil has really taken the time to think about each post on his blog and consider it.
Some are a little gross… like #982: Picking your nose.. but hey, we’re not gonna knock it! Maybe it brings happiness!! Some are adorable, like
#528: When your pet notices you’re in a bad mood and comes to see you.

They range from sweet to hilarious, and you will find yourself skimming the list and going “AH! So true!”

#541 Junk Drawers

So my challenge to you, my dear KREWnews-ers: make your own list of awesome! You can start with one a day, anything big or small, just something you think is awesome, strange, funny, or amusing in some way. Once you start a collection, think of how great it will be to look back on later, when you’re maybe feeling a little bit cranky-pants. You can be like, “Oh yea, #28! Man, that IS awesome…” and then smile and go on with your day.

#561 Letting the waves bury your feet at the beach

It’s the little things in life that can make a HUGE difference in your life, relationships, career, and attitude.
May the Awesomeness find you where ever you may go : )
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TAKE A LOOK TUESDAY! Lights, Camera, Inspiration!

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 I’ve always thought of children’s creativity and imagination to be amazing and inspiring. This video captures that idea perfectly! These two performers are in FAO Shwarz, and after seeing it, I noticed all the rest of the videos of people dancing on the giant piano like this! Some of them are really neato!!
Have you ever been inside an FAO Shwarz?! That place is like a fantasy land for little kids, big kids, and adults who still feel like kids inside! No wonder these people perform like this, it must feel great to combine music, dance, and visual lights all at once in a place where you can go crazy with your imagination.
After I saw this, I watched another video from the same website about the man who actually invented the walking piano. He is such an interesting guy. His name is Remo Saraceni and he considers himself an inventor/designer! I love it. My favorite part is how he used to think there were “little men inside” the radio to make it play. Didn’t we all used to think like that at some point? Ok, maybe just me. The cool things he has created include interactive installations in children’s museums. He enjoys designing for children due to their “ability to see the future better than others.” So true!
The original walking piano was actually installed at a children’s hospital in Kansas City, prior to being featured in “Big” and the newer video above. The outdoor piano is so sensitive that it even plays with the rain fall, or when leaves drop on it from trees. Very cool.
We tend to agree with Saraceni, who thinks we can all benefit from playing more like children, and who warns us to “Never take yourself too seriously.”

Watch the video here:

The original walking piano from the " BIG " movie
Uploaded by BIG_WALKING_PIANO_FunClub. – See the latest featured music videos.

We might not have a giant piano to dance on, but we do like to shake-it shake-it to music on the trampoline! We’ll say it over and over until everyone gets it: it is so important to have an out-let available at anytime to process the creative blocks!
So get out there and let it all out! (Your creativity that is….)

CHECK IT OUT TUESDAY! Infographic Resumes

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Many of us are doing our best right now to get noticed in the job market. It’s so frustrating when you think “They would know I am perfect for this job, if they just would give me a chance and MEET me!” Unfortunately, traditional resumes do little to showcase your best traits and personality. How can you lay out your life story on a black and white flat piece of paper (or word document)?! 
Here’s one of the coolest things I’ve worked with lately: Infographic Resumes. These babies chart out your entire (or professional) life in a multi-dimensional, multi-colored charted format. Rather than list out your accomplishments, show them in an interesting way that is beneficial to the future employer. I posted a few cool looking ones below:

Here’s a link (embed link) to the ChumBonus blog that explains a little bit more. Notice how it says it will be helpful to “have someone help you that knows what they are doing.” Well, lucky for you, that someone is sitting right here! designKREW is just waiting for you to get in gear and let us help you create the marketing materials that…well…kick ass! We would love to help you create an out-of-this-world Infographic Resume… or business cards, or a website, or anything else you can dream up fro career or business!

FUN FRIDAY! The Style Test

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When I’m designing for a client, I’m all about personalization. I want to know what you like, don’t like, can’t stand, your favorite colors, all about YOU! So what happens if you don’t know what you like? “Uh… I kinda like.. blue-ish.. and ya know, pretty stuff.”  Um… oh no. There’s nothing wrong with being indecisive, but knowing exactly what you want can make a WORLD of difference in so many areas of your life. 
This site below is called The Style Test. It gives you a simple, easy-peezy quick test to tell you what kind of designs, shapes, and colors you like. I don’t want to explain too much because I think the idea is to do the test without thinking too hard about it. Just go with the flow and let your natural reactions take over. 
Go ahead! It takes about two minutes. Then remember the results next time you’re picking a paint color for your house, a bed spread, or when you’re working with a graphic designer! ; )



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Alright. So by now most of you know that I have an affinity for games and toys that help me reach deep in my creative soul, get through mind-blocks, frustrations, and just relax and unwind…My trampoline is my favorite, but I also love fun “kids” toys like etch-a-sketch or Rubik’s cube, slinkies, etc etc. Found a new one! Check out this screenshot from the website below. On the right side it’s like a crazy paint application and ends up looking messy and weird, but then on the left you’ve created a moving, living awesome kaleidoscope!

I love finding fun things to pull me out of an afternoon slump, especially when it can get the creative juices flowing! Wee! Doesn’t it kinda look like a shamrock? Maybe..? A little? Alright fine, you make one and show me up! CLICK HERE and have fun!

P.S. Happy St. Paddy’s Day!

WAY COOL WEDNESDAY! Peek Inside Jessica’s Brain

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If you ever have wondered what goes on inside my head when I’m in creative mode (which is almost all the time) then check out this beyond awesome music video by OK Go. This band had one viral hit a few years back with their music video for “Here It Goes Again” where they did some crazy stuff on treadmills. Well they definitely out-did themselves on this new video for their song “This Too Shall Pass.” Before I blab on any further, check it out!!!

Um, HELLO that is so cool. If that isn’t a testament to creativity beyond creativity, not mention patience, artistic talent, and good, clean, inner-child play time, then I do not know what is. This band is so cool for embracing a different way to express their music and I LOVE them for it! They say it took months to create the Rube Goldberg machine, and then 20 consecutive 18 hour days to finally get the perfect shot! I love how they are wearing the paint spattered clothes, and you’re wondering the whole time when they’ll get hit! So genius, and so inspiring! Let’s go create our own! Who’s in??



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Check out this video for Sarah McLachlan’s song “World On Fire.” Rather than spend $150,000 on a music video, she decided to make the video for $15 and then donate the money she saved to people in need across the globe. It doesn’t ask for donations, it simply shows us how simple the needs are of people in poverty-stricken countries.
It reminds me of a video I posted a few weeks ago, for which shows us how $60 could buy a cow for a girl in Bangladesh, which could start a whole new life for her and change her future forever.
The people shown in this video don’t each need millions of dollars, they just need a chance to start their lives, to buy livestock and start a dairy farm, or get the simple medications to get well enough to work everyday.
I think this video gives hope that each of us, even if we are struggling with our own finances, can give small amounts that will still make a difference. Below is what Sarah McLachlan has to say about the video. Read, watch, enjoy, get motivated, and feel blessed for the life that you live.
“When Sophie Muller first approached me with her concept, I thought it was poignant and brilliant,” said McLachlan. “The song is about trying not to feel paralyzed when we see all that is wrong with the world, and remembering that even the smallest gesture can make a difference — corny but true. I wanted a video that wasn’t about me and wasn’t preachy, but one that would help shine a light on the tragedy and turmoil in the world and also show the beauty and strength of the human spirit. Sophie and everyone else who touched this video worked tirelessly and for free to make it happen. This was a labor of love for all the right reasons and I’m proud to be a part of it.”

For more info, CLICK HERE

WAY COOL WEDNESDAY! Does your business card measure up?

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Check out these videos about business cards. I admit that the first one is a little over the top. BUT, he does have a point! You want people to remember you, and how can they remember who you are if your business card looks like everyone elses? The American Psycho clip is hilarious! A classic to share about how we can obsess over small details (as we should). The juxtaposition of these two videos is what I think makes them so great together. I wonder what would happen if Joel Bauer had walked into that conference room in American Psycho.

But in all seriousness, if you have any questions about revamping your business cards or logo, you know what to do! Hit us up at info@designkrew.comor check out our facebook fan page at we’d be happy to share some light on more than just bone, eggshell and pale nimbus!


Biz Cards

For the clip above, CLICK HERE


american psycho

For American Psycho scene, CLICK HERE



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Did you know that a cow costs $60.00? No, really it does. In Bangladesh it does. For $60.00 a family could buy a cow and help earn profits in order to invest in their future, by putting children through school, and living off their own money, rather than marrying off their daughters because they can’t afford to feed them.
The Girl Effect is an organization that is trying to get the word out about helping girls, boys, and families in poverty stricken countries. When given the resources they need, these families can thrive and grow and help their communities fight against poverty, HIV/AIDS, and hunger. Check out this video for a sample of what The Girl Effect is all about.

How awesome is that? And when you think of the domino effect this could have across the world, it’s unreal. But I won’t try to explain it ally myself, just check out the website HERE. Even if you can’t donate right now, it’s worth a look, and you can add them on facebook and help spread the word.

For more info, go to

WAY COOL WEDNESDAY! Artistic Designs for Haiti Relief

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CafePress is doing something really cool for the Haiti Earthquake Relief. They have set up a special site to order t-shirts and other items displaying unique Haiti Relief art, with all proceeds going to help rebuild Haiti via The U.S. Fund for UNICEF.

Check out a couple samples from the site:

It’s pretty awesome that the art and design community has found a way to help out. We all know by now the severity of the devastation in Haiti, and we’ve all heard how badly they need our help. All of the various ways that people, companies, and communities are pooling resources and finding ways to donate is really incredible.

Check out the special CafePress website and see how you can donate to Haiti and get a beautiful t-shirt too! 

Our thoughts and prayers go out to the victims, families, workers, and volunteers.

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