TAKE A LOOK TUESDAY! Polished Brand makes Flowering Sol shine!

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Flowering Sol, founded by Ann O’Brien, was such a fun and rewarding project for designKREW to work on and we wanted to share with you the process and the project!
Polished Brand Makes Flowering Sol Shine!

Client: Flowering Sol
• Logo Design
• Business Card Design
• Email Promotion
• Web Redesign
• WordPress
• Printing

Challenge. Flowering Sol (originally the Ann O’Brien Brand) has over 20 years of experience and dedication to being an intuitive, healer, flower essence practitioner, and meditation and yoga teacher dedicated to helping you develop your awareness, become more present in your body, find inner peace, and realize your power to create the life of your dreams. Ann O’Brien brand was out of date with an underdeveloped brand image and color palette. Flowering Sol was ready to have the brand truly represent Ann O’Brien’s vision and mission.

Solution. designKREW quickly noticed the potential to bring the essence of Ann and her mission to the logo with a sense of radiance and expansion. Because no true logo had yet been developed designKREW was able to dive in and really bring strength to the Flowering Sol brand. We brought warmth and power to the color palette by working with rich reds and golds. It was important that the new color palette and visual speak “growth and truth” without words. The result was an icon and colors that are abundant, unrestrained, and inviting.

In Flowering Sol’s previous web presence, there was the use of flowers and a mono-toned orange color, but no visual reference to the spirit and offerings that Ann brings to the table with her services and products. By use of video and an easy to understand call to action right on the home page, viewers can start to build a relationship with Flowering Sol immediately. designKREW made a point to showcase Ann’s Products and Social Media outlets to reinforce connection and community. From logo design to print materials, web and email campaigns, Flowering Sol now displays brand consistency and professionalism.

Results. With a many years of quality + talent, Flowering Sol now has a brand image to match. Ann has since received an outpour of positive response and some new business opportunities have come across her plate. She has also received a higher opt-in rate into her database from new visitors to her site. Although dramatic changes were made, designKREW was able to build on Ann’s previously established trust and recognition by making her essence and presence known in the design.
You can see the real deal at www.floweringsol.comand please sign up for Ann’s Ezine! You wont regret it J
Testimonial. “Jessica is a brilliant artist behind the “Flowering Sol” brand! I have received so many compliments on her work and am so grateful to her! Not only is she a fabulous artist, but she also has a great combination of business sense and spirituality. She works like a channel creating images for your unique vision! If you’d like a new website or some help with graphic design, I highly recommend Jessica and the designKREW team!”
Ann O’Brien, Founder, Flowering Sol
Happy “Flowering”!


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The Little Rock, Arkansas based lawn care and landscaping company, Mow Blow & Go, is the premier provider of quality lawn care services. They provide a one-stop-shop for all their clients’ yard and landscaping needs. Mow Blow & Go focuses on healing the hardship of the time and effort it takes to create and maintain a beautiful landscape so their clients can focus on spending time enjoying their outdoor space and their loved ones. MB&G provides a superior product to their competitors at a reasonable price within a timely manner. Can’t beat that right? They treat each client as if it were their own house or a member of the family. It is Mow Blow & Go’s close ties to the community and the relationships with their customers that drives them to be the very best.

Greens: Green symbolizes growth, fertility and harmony; it is restful and refreshing. Its positive associations are optimism, freedom and balance. When a client looks upon their landscape they want to feel its relaxation and perfect beauty. There is an immediate association of landscape to the color green.

This logo is very iconic and modern. The shape and enclosure of the icon acts as a seal. The graduation of the leaves creates a hierarchal element as though the logo is saying “elevate to the best/perfection.” This mirrors Mow Blow & Go’s desire to be represented as a high-end and all-encompassing lawn care and landscaping company. This logo is uncomplicated, no-fuss and would be easily recognizable in any promotion or marketing materials including employee t-shirts and hats.

TAKE A LOOK TUESDAY! Your Video Solutions Update

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Remember our post about Your Video Solutions from a couple of weeks ago? Well, their branding is back!!! See how a logo can explode into a fully functioning website below…

Their brand just keeps growing stronger, and we’re so excited to be a part of it. Check out the website HERE and let us know if you have any questions about growing your own brand!

TAKE A LOOK TUESDAY! Stylish Flyer for a Stylish Company

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Check out this promotional flyer I created for Catherine Cassidy and her company U*Styled! We wanted the direct focus on the flyer to be the Style Starter Kit, which is immediately visible in the first white box. The color photographs showcase the work she does for clients, and offers a sense of the personality of the brand. It is easy to consume for the reader, by using bold faces, colors, and a simple flow of direction for the eyes. I love the feminine color palate, which is girly and fun but still sophisticated.

There is enough information included so that the reader knows exactly what to expect without being overwhelmed by paragraphs of copy. The use of testimonials from satisfied clients (on the back side) is a great way to build trust and certainty that can help clear any doubts from potential customers. Another great help is the picture of Catherine herself so that the reader has a connection and remembers her before they have even met her! The bonuses are easy to see and help to sweeten the deal by showing exactly how much money can be saved by purchasing the offer.

If you think you could use a flyer like this one, rather than the boring one you printed off of Microsoft Word the other day… you know what to do!!

TAKE A LOOK TUESDAY! Signed, Designed, Delivered…I’M YOURS!

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How many emails do you send a day….no really come on… how many? 10, 100, 1000!!!???
Did you know that every time you send an email it’s a branding opportunity? Did your ears just perk up, maybe a little?
We have all seen the auto-signature  that simply looks like this:

John Jacob
President & Founder
JJ Consulting Group, LLC.

Or maybe you might have even seen one with a logo thrown in there. BUT WHAT IF you could have a super shnazzy email signature that showed the world your branding, tag line and maybe even some key areas of focus for your business.  Check out these examples below of customized email signatures that make every correspondence a marketing punch.

TAKE A LOOK TUESDAY! Empowered Women Coaching

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Pumping Logos like a machine over here at designKREW! Next up we would like to showcase Empowered Women Coaching. Now check this out! designKREW was thrilled to help Layla Saad with her branding development for such a wonderful mission of helping to empower women with their direction and passion in life. Here’s the scoop:

The Company:
Empowered Women Coaching’s purpose is to help savvy, purpose-driven women discover and pursue their dreams in their careers and business. Through coaching products and services, clients discover what it is they want out of life and with specific tools they become empowered to go after whatever their heart desires. Empowered Women Coaching heals the hardships of their clients so they can get their power back with practical tools, solutions and resources that help plan and move the client forward.

The Colors:
Grays: Gray is a variant of black and adds a bold and sleek element. Gray is associated with independence, allure, strength and intrigue. 
Purples: This Purple/Magenta variant encourages vitality, it is dignified and impressive. It is attributed to passion and motivation. It is a feminine color without being too “girly” or predictable.

The Concept:
This logo uses the concept of the key to communicate the idea that by working with an organization such as this, you will unlock your potential, the answers you have been looking for, your true calling, who you authentically are. The “E” is the head of the key forming into the image. Empowered remains in all caps to signify strength and sturdiness while women is written fluidly in a script font to signify the flow and softness of the feminine. Overall it has a very elegant quality.

TAKE A LOOK TUESDAY! Your Video Solution – Logo Concept

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Do you have video on your website? You should. DARNIT!

After creating the logo for Your Video Solution and being in the middle of creating their website, there is just no denying that video in today’s market is essential. Check out the YVS logo below:

The Client: Your Video Solution

Your Video Solution is a company that provides a video solution with an understanding that the web has become a video world. YVS offers options for every client depending on their marketing needs. YVS believes in creating long lasting, REAL relationships with clients. YVS clients put their faith in a vision that then is developed in a very collaborative process. The difference between Your Video Solution and those other guys is the communication, authenticity and delivery of your message that is better than anyone else.

The Colors:

Red: Red is stimulating and dominant. It is associated with warmth, passion and prosperity. Its vibrancy creates energy and strength.

Black: Black is bold and sleek and is associated with independence, allure, strength and intrigue.

The Concept:

The YVS logo is modern and clean with a bit of a funky feel. The rounded corners to the square give it the characteristic of video or television viewer. The uneven lines that run through the square create a fun texture, much like that vibration of waves being emitted from a screen. The texture also creates a buzz like quality as though if you could hear what you are seeing it would completely grab your attention. The Slanted ‘V’ is bold and striking like a brand that has been placed across your vision to not be forgotten. The logo is powerful while retaining a modern simplicity.

TAKE A LOOK TUESDAY! New Design for Assured Success

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A fabulous logo! We are super stoked on this new logo we created for Assured Success with Tish Hummer.

The Client: 
Assured Success

The Company: 
With 20 years experience in insurance restoration marketing, Tish has been in the trenches. She has walked through 1000’s of agency and claims office doors. She understands the frustrations the restoration industry has after being told the same thing over and over, “We do not refer contractors” or “We let the insured make all the decisions and do not want to be involved” or “Sure, we will send you a lead or a claim” and then they never do. Tish has also been on the frontlines as an agent and catastrophe adjuster being hit upon by vendor after vendor with the same sales pitches and same services…
Assured Success’s consulting and coaching style is one that calls for your marketing team to THINK, be CREATIVE and to be responsible in honing their personal skills…Sales is a thinking man and woman’s game. Assured Success’s clients include:
Property restoration and mitigation marketing associates and teams
Restoration Dry Cleaners and their marketing teams
Estimators that SELL
Owners marketing for themselves
Anyone selling to the insurance industry…in this new economy

The Colors:
Greens: Green symbolizes growth, fertility and harmony; it is restful and refreshing. It’s positive associations are optimism, freedom and balance.
Grays: Gray is a variant of black and adds a bold and sleek element. Grey is associated with metal, strength, sleek and modern.
The Concept:
This logo concept brings the idea of the concentric circle to a more organic quality. Concentric circles represent an expanding outward to influence growth and reach. There is movement and depth as the circles are layered on top of one another. This shows how marketing practices in the restoration industry are not mutually exclusive but must exist together to really become powerful. The lines of the logo are bold, intense and never ending. This logo communicates the idea of a moving into as the circles show an opening to the answers. It is powerful in the thickness of the rings and portrays an unbreakable quality.

TAKE A LOOK TUESDAY! Fun with WordPress

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Still think WordPress is just for blogs, NONSENSE!

Check out this extremely loaded website that designKREW completed for Lisa Steadman.

WordPress has so much to offer these days to customize your site while having content management flexibility. Play around the Lisa Steadman site to see a bit of what a custom WordPress site has to offer. We would love to help you with any needs you have!

CLICK HERE to check it out!

Twitter Backgrounds

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Twitter has become a very important marketing tool. It’s a way to connect with a huge portion of your market with just a click of your mouse! However, there’s a way to make your tweets and your company stand out among the millions… ready? Make your twitter page look fabulous! Did you know that you can customize your twitter page to stand out among all those tweeters out there?

Carry your brand onto the twittisphere! Rather than have it look like everyone else’s page, your twitter page should reflect you, your business, and your special brand.

A simple way to do this is to list important things about your company and brand, like what you do, a link to your website, and why they should follow the link to find out more about YOU!

Remember, twitter is not just to connect with other people. It is a chance to attract more site viewers and really get your name out there. Use this opportunity to let everyone know what you can offer.

As seen in the examples below, you can also choose to use fun colors and have a design going down the left hand side reflecting your unique style.

If you are interested in having a customized twitter background, contact designKREW at 805.490.1283 or email
Don’t forget to follow designKREW

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