Jessica KrewsonJessica Krewson

CEO, Creative Director | Closet Jingle Singer

Jessica’s passion for art started at a very young age as she was obsessed with color and pens and anything that had to do with stationery. It was a miracle when she realized after graduating from California State University, Northridge with a degree in business marketing and then diving back into art with the graphic design department at the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising that there was a way to combine her delight for creation paired with her love of business and desire to help others. A natural self-starter and not one to sit on her laurels, Jessica created designKREW in 2007 after realizing that her life’s purpose is to help businesses find their way through their ideas and manifest them into concrete, visual and sharable information. With a deep-rooted spirit in everything she does, you will experience a very direct but conscious company culture that Jessica prides herself in.

She understands the challenges that arise when working through the creative process no matter if you’re at the beginning of your business development or deep into your marketing. She takes that compassion and molds it into your next big idea! When Jessica isn’t busy creating ideas and helping her clients you might find her at delicious restaurants around Los Angeles, looking up her next travel destination, thinking about how to fit more plants into her home, with loved ones or on her beloved yoga mat!


Todd Fishback

CFO | Techy Gadget Guy

Todd Fishback is CFO a.k.a. financial master of dK headquarters. We love this guy! Even though he is a heavy left brainer to balance us all out, Todd has no lack of creativity!
He helps designKREW strategize its operations, finances, and business development. Are you ready for this list of experience: Todd has a B.S.B.A. from the University of Nebraska at Omaha. He worked with the public accounting firms of Ernst & Young and Deloitte & Touche from July of 1985 through June of 1989. From July of 1989 through May of 1997, Todd worked for Borman and Baas and Baas, Bruce, Todd and Associates. In June of 1997 Todd formed his own public accounting firm Todd, P.C. Todd served as the founder and President of DOCenter, Inc., d.b.a. DOCCENTER, a SaaS-based document management company. Todd grew DOCCENTER from a concept to a business that supports over 4,000 internet users. Yes he’s ours ladies and gents…you can’t steal him! In his off time he loves playing with techy gadgets, looking out for the next big thing, shopping and working on his fitness!


Jeff Yang

Project Manager | Tetris Master

Let’s see…Degrees in Communication, Sociology, & Digital Media – means that Jeff enjoys real people, real business, and creating real brands.  Creatively and humanistically inspired to change the world one baby step at a time, his passion for seeing people hit the peak of their potential is evident.  He is a dot connector.

Growing up with Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles taught him to love pizza,  playing Tetris taught him to solve puzzles, and creating his own American Gladiator courses in his backyard gave him the ability to build, compete, and win!  Jeff is far from normal (Think he likes it that way) with a strong appreciation for art, music, dance, food and hats.

He finds joy in managing projects, inspiring people, idea generation, and cultivating synergies that will blow your mind.  Hope you are ready, because he sure is!


Caitlin Baunauch

Designer | Avid Pinner

Caitlin lives and breathes design. She is most passionate about using the power of design as a universal communicator to make a difference in the world. After graduating from Loyola Marymount University she jumped into the design industry to see out this vision of hers. While her main inspiration comes from the Swiss Period, it is typography that truly makes her tick. Caitlin is rarely found without a cup of coffee and the Adobe Creative Suite open.


Michael Botelho

Web Developer | Ping Pong Ball

Ever since he was a kid michael has been fascinated with science and technology. More often leading him to take apart and destroy most of his families supply of electronics. His equal love of art brought him to Parsons School of Design, where he studied Illustration as an undergraduate. As a graduate student at Emerson College, his love of art and technology merged into a  fascination with the web and interactive media. He has been interested/obsessed ever since with the latest trends in web development and design, and the ever changing landscape of information technology. He is also naturally gifted in the ART of ping-pong, and in his own mind is unmatched in this sport.


Julian Gallardo

Designer | Creative, Dreamer

Julian graduated from design school in the Midwest, then moved to the West Coast for an enviable job doing graphic and web design in Los Angeles. He has a keen eye for design and typography and also loves the design process and applying it to solving visual problems. He has an obsession with type and enjoys tweeting, tumbling, and dribbling. Aside from design he loves spending time with his friends, boston terrier and going on walks, trails, and hikes. Other personal interest of his include running, technology, hand lettering, and photography.