2012 — What’s the What??

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I haven’t heard this much buzz about a new year since Y2K! There are ALL sorts of theories around 2012; what it means, and what’s going to happen. I’ve been hearing everything from it’s the end of the Mayan calendar… to the end of the world… to just another hype-machine.

But one of my favorite theories is that 2012 is our golden ticket to make HUGE positive changes in our lives!

Heard that one? Well, watch this video from McLean Masterworks to hear all about it. And if that piques your interest, there’s more where that came from! Our designKREW diggs includes a fabulous gift that we are SO excited to be sharing with you today!

So watch, enjoy, partake and then share! What do you think the 2012 buzz is all about? We’d love to hear your thoughts! Tell us all about them here on the designKREW blog!